Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra – “And The Walls Have Ears”

 Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra – “And The Walls Have Ears”

Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra – “And The Walls Have Ears” – Single Review


Well I suppose the question is, Captain Gravitone, are the people ready for ya?

Man I sure hope so.  I mean…I get it & all, there’s no doubt whatsoever that a style like this ensemble appeals to a more niche crowd out there…but like, if we’re measuring by performance, uniqueness, execution, ideas, and imagination – you kinda have to hand it to Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra for hitting the mark on all-fronts don’t ya?  Somewhere in the middle of Buster Poindexter and Tom Waits, you’ll find this band thriving, making artistically designed, theatrically-inspired sounds with true commitment, full confidence, and absolutely mesmerizing ideas if this single is any indication.

I’m sure you all knew you were in for something a little on the strange side here if monikers & album art are any kind of sign for what’s in-store for an audio-experience…I’m thinking it’s safe to assume that good ol’ Captain Gravitone has likely always chosen to blaze their own trail.  They sounds unhinged & unharnessed on this decent into madness they’re calling “And The Walls Have Ears” – a song like an Edgar Allan Poe tale come to life…Alt-Noir…music that’s nearly impossible to predict or define.  What I can tell ya – is this is definitely a style of sound that’s been catching on a lot lately – the timing for bands like Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra or what Big John Bates is doing right now is perfectly in-line with what listeners are seeking out.  And who could blame them?  Combinations of texture, atmosphere, musicianship, and vocals like this are completely rare and straight-up courageous; Tom Waits being the most famous example of something similar, would probably sound ridiculous on paper – and even on recordings, of course he still does, for many, many people – but musicians & creative-types have flocked to his incredible catalog for years & years & years, and that’ll be the case for years & years & years to follow.  Listening to Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra embrace such a vividly realized experience and deliver it was such noticeable passion and pure enthusiasm on “And The Walls Have Ears” – is honestly a treat for your own set of two upon your head.  You just can’t beat character as bold & brilliant as this is; I’m not even usually one for anything I’d dub theatrical in any way really – but this cut, is seriously amazing and breaks that stigma of mine hard enough to shatter it forever.  Because this is as crazy as it is skilled as it is FUN – like I’m honestly blown away at how well this has all come together and how freakin’ gripping “And The Walls Have Ears” becomes.  You gotta hand it to the vocals here…because that’s definitely the main star of the show; having said that, there’s an equal caliber of cool goin’ on in the surrounding instrumentation of The String Theory Orchestra for sure, and lyrically…well…lyrically this is about as top-shelf as it gets.  All things combined end up producing a song you’ll truly remember for how purely different it really is, yet how UNBELIEVABLY slick, stylistic, and straight-up cool this cut genuinely is.  If you like art and you like music and you like’em together and you got ears on your FACE – then there’s no excuse for you to not love this tune, full-stop.

Everything from the brass to the beat makes an essential contribution to this tune.  You get solid solos from the flute, banjo, and guitar…violins are enticing and enchanting in the mix throughout…the bass is key – and those vocals…man those vocals, are truly award-worthy.  If not for the completely engaging & memorable sound, then for the straight-up commitment that Captain Gravitone’s Kelly Kroeker applies to the microphone – either way, this dude is magnetic and electrifying when he sings with his signature growl.  As far as “And The Walls Have Ears” is concerned, his vocals are a fit beyond perfection and makes that feeling of madness & mischief closing in on you from the lefts to the rights cling on to your very soul.  That being said – ALL six pieces of this band deserve serious credit for pulling this idea off.

You hear a lot of tunes as a music-reviewer.  There’s no way in hell I’d forget this band.  Spectacular single all-around from this compelling & highly-creative crew – Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra hold nothing back in their artistic pursuit on “And The Walls Have Ears” – this is fantastic.

“And The Walls Have Ears” comes from their latest album A Universe Parallel To Our Own – find out more about Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra at their official homepage at:

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