Month: <span>November 2018</span>

George Blue Galanos – “I’m Dead Inside”

George Blue Galanos – “I’m Dead Inside” – Music Video Release/Review BOLD Blues-Rock from solo-artist George Blue Galanos on his new single “I’m Dead Inside” – dude’s diving deep into the pain, soul, and musicianship that have served the genre so faithfully over the years.  I think what people will really love about George’s approach […]Read More

Youi – “Twins”

Youi – “Twins” – Single Review Things are working out really well in these speakers this morning! This is personality at work y’all.  Youi puts style straight into the microphone with his performance on his single “Twins” and lights this cut up with wild bars and ideas you can’t take your ears off of.  TONS […]Read More

Geezo Montanna – “Why They Hatin On Me”

Respect!  Geezo Montanna knows what’s up – you can always tell when an emcee is storing his greenery good & proper in a sizeable jar, you feel me?  Middle fingers up and clearly giving no fucks whatsoever, GM keeps it real and lets you in on what its like to live in his shoes and […]Read More

Nouri – “Where Do We Go From Here”

Nouri – “Where Do We Go From Here” – Single Review New Zealand!  What exactly are they putting in the water over there lately?  I want some too! It was only just a few days ago that we first got a chance to listen to the new single from PRINS and were massively impressed, and […]Read More

Pastobal – Nature

Pastobal – Nature – EP Review I tell ya…I know what I’ve gotta stop doing around here lol.  My fellow music-reviewers out there will likely know what I’m talking about – it’s the ‘extra song’ – that one tiny add-on that people, bands, & artists like to make at some point along the process.  What […]Read More

LuckySings – “Dreams Come True” Feat. Marek Fischer

Go get it Lucky! Definitely a soulful spirit & singer you’ll want to cheer for – LuckySings brings a ton of heart to his new single “Dreams Come True” and puts it all on display right in the beautiful sunlight as he sings into the valley below.  Dude’s got an exceptionally expressive & emotionally powerful […]Read More

Armada Named Sound – Social Media Sadness

Armada Named Sound – Social Media Sadness – EP Review It’s actually been a couple minutes since we last heard from Armada Named Sound – but that’s usually an indication of Spiros Maus hard at work cookin’ up something new for us all to listen to.  And here we are, back with a brand-new EP […]Read More

Broz – “Tryna Live” Feat. J. Chantel

Yo!  Broz just “Tryna Live” y’all – get out the way! With wild bars and wild visuals to go along with’em, this collaborative effort keeps their rhymes sharp and their minds focused on stackin’ that paper up.  “They don’t want to see me turn a penny into a million” – what a MONEY line!  For […]Read More

Nomad Scorpio – Victims & Vandals

Nomad Scorpio – Victims & Vandals – EP Review THAT…is one hell of a first impression.  A debut EP from Nomad Scorpio, on a brand-new label called Stereo Era Records, run by Matt Byron, whom you’ve seen here on our shows & pages in the past – I mean…that’s a lot of NEWNESS going on, […]Read More – “No Hold!”

Grab a red cup and get in on this homies! For real – it looks like if you’re rollin’ with then you’re in for one hell of a party y’all.  Dude crushed it earlier this summer here at the pages with the release of his video for “Do Or Die” – and he made […]Read More