Geezo Montanna – “Why They Hatin On Me”

 Geezo Montanna – “Why They Hatin On Me”

Respect!  Geezo Montanna knows what’s up – you can always tell when an emcee is storing his greenery good & proper in a sizeable jar, you feel me?  Middle fingers up and clearly giving no fucks whatsoever, GM keeps it real and lets you in on what its like to live in his shoes and battle the haters out there.  Dude’s just tryin’ to make his bread you know?  Yet haters are gonna hate, that’s just facts.  Geezo Montanna takes’em all on with confidence on “Why They Hatin On Me” and gives you a whole set of tripped-out visuals in the video along with it in scenes straight from the crib & the streets – check out this cut for yourself below!

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