Month: <span>November 2018</span>

Stone Padre – El Camino

Stone Padre – El Camino – Album Review Well now…this is interesting.  Chances are I spent a large portion of my youth jumping up & down in the mosh pit in front of one of these guys in Stone Padre.  Many of you have heard me defend the early days of Nickelback before…yep, I’ve shocked […]Read More

HAF – Genesis

HAF – Genesis – EP Review “How can I be negative when life is fuckin’ lit?” Good call homie.  Right off the bat, I was digging the piano melody that started out HAF’s Genesis EP on the first cut “Life Story,” but it certainly went on to reveal a whole lot more worth listening to […]Read More

Klef Mikaydo – “Showtime”

Klef Mikaydo – “Showtime” – Single Review Klef Mikaydo has a great grip on stylistic sound.  When we first got a chance to listen to him back in June this year with the release of a couple singles called “Last Night” and “Purple Clouds” – it became pretty clear pretty quickly that the flashy beats […]Read More

Alien Skin – P.O.P. Pop

Alien Skin – P.O.P. Pop – Album Review Always awesome to have this guy in the mix and he never keeps us waiting long – the new Alien Skin record P.O.P. Pop from experimental solo-artist George Pappas has arrived only a short time after we reviewed his last EP, A Spoonful Of Voices, back in […]Read More


This emcee’s got so many money lines on his new single we’ve lost count!  daFeaux is makin’ moves and adding that next-level charisma to his latest single “SIRDRIPALOT” – sounding large & in-charge as he confidently hits the bars ‘pimp strong‘ on this brand-new cut.  Stylistically smooth and sonically built to be bumped up loud […]Read More

Acharya – Tilt

Acharya – Tilt – EP Review It’s not too often that I bust this comment out, so take this to heart – Acharya is ahead of the game.  Very interesting in the sense that I fully believe this collaborative-spirited duo out of California has an extremely appealing sound that’s been justifiably compared to killer mainstream […]Read More

Vladrumetz – “Felt Alone”

If you remember Vladrumetz from his appearance on our show SBS Live This Week – you’ll know he’s got a gift for finding his way into the music, really feeling the moment, and finding compelling ways to deliver his vocals.  Even if he’s doing it all solo, as he is on the heartbreaking new single, […]Read More

Curtis Newart – “Superhuman”

Curtis Newart – “Superhuman” – Single Review Perplexing! There are definitely multiple redeeming aspects of what Curtis Newart has come up with on his single “Superhuman” that highlight the fact that he certainly knows what he’s doing.  He’s obviously innovative, creative, and wildly expressive when it comes to his sound & style…and there’s a lot […]Read More

Grave Robbert – “Midnight Road”/”When The Bell Tolls One”

Grave Robbert – “Midnight Road”/”When The Bell Tolls One” – Singles Review Nothing speaks more to versatility than getting two new singles that are miles apart in style & sound! When I first popped open the Spotify player and started listening to Grave Robbert’s “Midnight Road” – I did the same thing I always do […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 100

Who’s still up & eatin’ candy?  Got some candy for your ears & eyes right here is what we’ve got!  Happy Halloween everyone.  Got a brand-new episode featuring all kinds of music & vids from:  Colorstarr, Bone Nest, Clay Hughes, Elite|Fitrea, The ATif, S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm, Joseph Tonelli, I, Useless – and […]Read More

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