Month: <span>November 2018</span>

Montauk – “Welcome To You”

Montauk – “Welcome To You” – Music Video Release/Review I tell ya…every single time I end up checking out something new from Montauk I just want to go and re-watch Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind right afterwards, just to make sure I’m catching all the subtle references that I know have been made between […]Read More

Tyler Parks – “Bleed”

Beautifully powerful & emotionally-charged Acoustic/Soul-meets-R&B/Pop song from singer/songwriter Tyler Parks, with a stunning video directed by the phenomenally expert approach of Gavin Millette – “Bleed” becomes a seriously compelling experience between the music & onscreen visuals.  Exceptionally artistic in all areas, this moving song gets an incredible complement from what we see in the video, […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 102

Let’s get it! New episode from the vault in our First Five Years series with footage from Lung Flower and their time dominating the Seven Lounge stage in 2015 – followed by a bonus video from Himisphere with a brand-new cut!Read More

PRINS – “Oh Well”

PRINS – “Oh Well” – Single Review I suspect…that we’ve just stumbled onto another international sensation here today.  Born in Auckland, New Zealand and now based out of Christchurch – PRINS is bound for stardom as far as my ears are concerned; for a first impression of her sound from her second official release, there’s […]Read More

Jordan Carroll – “The Wind Will Blow Us Home”

Jordan Carroll – “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” – Music Video Release/Review “We won’t waste our time on all those wishes for what could be, cause all that we have, is all we’ll ever need.”  The man writes a great tune…we know this to be true here at our pages when it comes to […]Read More

OculusOtomica – Leaked Insta-Clips Promo

OculusOtomica – Leaked Insta-Clips Promo Review Alright…as has been explained to me behind the scenes, “OculusOtomica is not a normal band,” so what better way to start out listening to them than by checking out…some…hmmm…fifteen second clips or so?  I don’t know whether to love these guys because they’re clearly going to be fucking incredible […]Read More

Jason Pierre – “I Thank You Lord”

No better time than on a Sunday to hear an artist soulfully preach the good word – so we’ve got Jason Pierre in the mix early this morning to do that very thang.  Dude’s a versatile entertainer for sure – you can see onscreen the man’s havin’ a great time doing what he loves under […]Read More

Young Party – “Bath Time”

Young Party – “Bath Time” – Single Review So…on the one hand, we’ve got a tight punk band that can clearly grip it & rip it on the inside of ninety-seconds…that much is clear on the new single “Bath Time” by Young Party.  A capable crew of musicians from out of Montreal right next door […]Read More

Churvin – “Silver Line” Featuring ダブル Suicide

All the way from New Zealand, Churvin’s here to lay some rhythmic bars on our Canadian pages on a tight cut he’s callin’ “Silver Line” featuring the talents of ダブル Suicide in the mix, giving it that extra layer of international flavor for your speakers to spill out.  You can see from the video that […]Read More

Steven Lewis Malski

Interview with Steven Lewis Malski SBS:  Steve! Thanks so much for joining us here at the pages! From everything I’ve read, you’re a musician as well as a whole bunch of other things…one of them being that you’re an author of the new book, The Power Of Art In Healing And Transformation, which brought you […]Read More

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