Broz – “Tryna Live” Feat. J. Chantel

 Broz – “Tryna Live” Feat. J. Chantel

Yo!  Broz just “Tryna Live” y’all – get out the way!

With wild bars and wild visuals to go along with’em, this collaborative effort keeps their rhymes sharp and their minds focused on stackin’ that paper up.  “They don’t want to see me turn a penny into a million” – what a MONEY line!  For reals – this cut keeps everything entertaining from the music to the video while keeping it incredibly real at the same time – Broz is down-to-earth – I mean, he’ll take a mansion and fast cars I’m sure, but right now he’s just “Tryna Live” homies – so let him will ya?  He’s just tryin’ to feed them kids yo!  So quit hatin’ and push play on this smooth single featuring two highly skilled emcees hustling words on the m-i-c for ya and check out the badass visuals and animations onscreen in the video for “Tryna Live” by Broz & J. Chantel below!

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