Month: <span>November 2018</span>

Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins – Pawn And Prophecy

Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins – Pawn And Prophecy – Album Review You can always tell a band is ready to rock when the first words you hear are shouts of “whoa” & “yeah” – am I right?  Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins are back in the mix here at the page with a brand-new record called […]Read More

Muenster – “Message”

It’s a mad mad mad mad world as they say homies.  Muenster’s here to lay down the “Message” for all of y’all – and you’re gonna wanna pay attention to the man!  Tackling seriously important issues socially, politically, AND musically – Muenster pulls no punches as he takes aim at his targets & keeps these […]Read More

The Keymakers – “Insomniac” (Live Sessions)

As a dude that’s been in two-man unit for years now myself – I can tell ya firsthand I am absolutely STOKED on what I’m seeing/hearing in this new Live Sessions video from The Keymakers for their single “Insomniac” – this is how you get it DONE!  Late-nights in the studio are what it’s all […]Read More

DanoSongs – “Smile It’s Me!”

Get some of that good-good uplifting Electro sound in ya to fuel your energy bar up to the max heading into the weekend with this brand-new cut from DanoSongs called “Smile It’s Me!”  Talk about a title that echoes the sound of the song!  Brightness & beauty are completely plentiful in this expressive & colorful […]Read More

Sebastian Azul – Spotify Singles

Sebastian Azul – Singles Review Much like the music an artist makes, you can understand everything a lot more if you just listen.  You’d think this would be the obvious part of a music-reviewer’s job…yet so few actually DO that, it’s embarrassing to read them more often than not.  I’ve made those comments several times […]Read More

Falckun – “The Microphone Commander”

Real as real can be homies.  Making a bold statement like putting out a cut called “The Microphone Commander” definitely suggests the emcee behind the mic will live up to those massive implications – and MAN Falckun does not disappoint!  LISTEN to the gripping tone of voice this guy has – the CONFIDENCE of an […]Read More

DJ Crillo – “Friday” Featuring Jocelyn Mathieu & OLC

DJ Crillo – “Friday” Featuring Jocelyn Mathieu & OLC – Single Review Here’s something you can pop on in your ride and seriously cruise to. And besides…everyone out there could use a little more “Friday” on their Tuesday nights, am I right?  DJ Crillo’s done real well here on this new single – the texture […]Read More

StevieG & Faze – “Don’t Play Around”

Two emcees passin’ the mic y’all – and you get’em both on one cut!  Rappers StevieG and Faze take the instrumental beat from the hit single “Untouchable” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again and give it their own spin with rhymes from their own perspective on “Don’t Play Around.”  Always staying ‘true & genuine‘ – these […]Read More

Marc Payne – “Push The Button”

Marc Payne – “Push The Button” – Single Review I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on it until now, but it definitely feels like independent Rap struggled harder this year than it has in the previous five or so before it that I’ve been reviewing here.  We’ve seen & heard a few […]Read More

APKLYPZ – “Golden Spiralverse”

APKLYPZ – “Golden Spiralverse” – Music Video Release/Review Facts are facts…you don’t get to being a guy like me with an Aphex Twin tattoo right on his forearm for the entire world to see without having an intense love for the tripped-out side of the Electro universe.  As wacky as some of it can be […]Read More

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