Month: <span>October 2018</span>

The ATif – “Rest In Pieces”

KILLER lyric video to accompany a cut designed to haunt your Halloween night – The ATif returns to our pages with an electrifying jam called “Rest In Pieces!”  A bloodthirsty track that’s full of dark imagery and howling guitars just in time for your midnight massacre or late-night seance…you know, however you choose to celebrate […]Read More

G8ABAK – “Halloween Story”

Hot Halloween bars y’all! Rapper G8ABAK weaves a fractured tale full of frightening imagery and details some seriously wild times on his brand-new cut, “Halloween Story” – just in time for the season – holla!  Listening to this emcee spit his story through the speakers in your crib is certainly better than sittin’ around the […]Read More

Illy Octane – “Hennessey”

Illy Octane – “Hennessey” – Music Video Release/Review Technically I’ve been listening to some form of Illy Octane’s music since back in 2014.  I’m not gonna eat up this new review by going into all the various names he’s been rappin’ under over the years – but I do have to say, in watching both […]Read More

BIGG SEXXY – “Walmart Gurr” Feat. Llexa

BIGG SEXXY – “Walmart Gurr” Feat. Llexa – Music Video Release/Review TevoTV presents y’all! Alright…it’s time to crank up the fun here at the page tonight, courtesy of BIGG SEXXY and Llexa achieving the impossible – they’ve somehow managed to make Walmart awesome. As far as first impressions goes, you can’t ask for much more […]Read More

The Blackmail Seduction – The Blackmail Seduction II

The Blackmail Seduction – The Blackmail Seduction II – Album Review Man times flies.  I’m literally three & a half years older than the last time I ended up reviewing the music of The Blackmail Seduction on their debut self-titled record in early 2015.  Highly memorable tunes – I still jam that record quite a […]Read More

Bama Royal – “The Beginning”

The Royal Queen in the house y’all!  Let it be said – Bama Royal got BARS yo!  Listen to the phrasing, listen to the tone in her voice, listen to the skills for the game and the focus she’s got when it comes to directing each of these lines she spits to exactly where they […]Read More

Dr. Byow – Transmissions From The Shadow Realm

Dr. Byow – Transmissions From The Shadow Realm – EP Review I tell ya…tough to keep a band so tight together these days that one of the members doesn’t eventually go off and start a solo career – even fictional ones apparently!  It seems as if one of Those Shadow People – the fantastic comic/music […]Read More

Enemy Earth – “Aces”

Trip on THIS people – Enemy Earth has put together a killer video to support the experimental/ambient sounds of “Aces” with extraordinarily eye-catching visuals.  Perfect for the late-night crowd & definitely our kind of thing here.  Ain’t no doubt that “Aces” has a creepy vibe and look that definitely fits the vibe of the season […]Read More

Illy Octane – “DopeSmoke” Feat. Steve Hood & Weez

Word on the street is that rapper Illy Octane has got a new project rollin’ out by the end of the year sometime in 2018 – and we’re checkin’ out a few of the lead-singles & videos here at the page over this week.  Starting with a collaboration with Steve Hood & Weez on a […]Read More

Peter Senior – “Cool Ride”

Peter Senior – “Cool Ride” – Music Video Release/Review Just fulfilling the promises I’ve made as best I can.  If you tuned into the recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you knew this day was coming soon and that we’ve still got lots of plans for Peter Senior’s single “Cool Ride” from his album On […]Read More