Month: <span>October 2018</span>

BIG KIDD – Singles

BIG KIDD – Singles Review You know it’s crazy the perspective you can get on other parts of the world through music over time.  Ever since the early days of Silverchair and Something For Kate I’ve always looked forward to tunes from Australia…over the years to follow, I’d find amazing stuff in the independent scene […]Read More

Thandiwe Boomin – “Mhani Yingisa”

Join the party!  Thandiwe Boomin takes you on a colorful sonic odyssey through a world-beat/electro combination that’s got plenty of dynamics & versatility to keep the vibe flowing with stylistic charisma and plenty of bright & flashy sounds to grab your attention.  Complete with a video full of beautiful bodies and party people turning up […]Read More

Queen’s Birthday – Hoping Mechanism

Queen’s Birthday – Hoping Mechanism – EP Review Definitely dig the story I’m piecing together about Queen’s Birthday as I check out their social-media & debut EP online…digging the sound too, but it’s been rad to learn about the journey this duo has taken to get to where they are today.  Seems like Hoping Mechanism […]Read More

Bryson Briight – “Fool4You”

Bryson Briight – “Fool4You” – Music Video Release/Review Ain’t a thing about this dude that’s NOT part of him completely being an artist – talk about a man that lives and breathes his passions in life.  Bryson Briight is a whole bunch of amazing things, which you’ll see right there on his site; musician, photographer, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 058

Another spectacular show filled with audio-awesomeness from all over the independent scene, including brand-new tunes from Untitled Art, Peter Senior, and I, Useless! Plus a whole army of killer cuts and past artists you know from our show including tunes from The Betters, Outrun The Arrow, Aztec, Pinto And The Bean, Sam And The Black […]Read More

Convey – “Terror”

Alright…you want something kickass to start your week off right?  Feast your eyes and ears on THIS dear readers, dear friends – Convey is BACK.  If you’re familiar with our pages you’re certainly familiar with that name – Convey is without question one of our top favorites in Alternative, or any genre for that matter.  […]Read More


Official Press Release Possessed: The Resurgence Legendary Death Metal Band to play legendary Californian venue Whisky-a-go-go! Death Metal wasn’t a reality in 1983 when the band Possessed first formed and started kicking butt.  Their sound was so new and brave, fans and critics had to come up with a new name for their genre. That’s […]Read More

Untitled Art – “Love Will Tear Us Apart (Part 1)”/”The

Untitled Art – “Love Will Tear Us Apart (Part 1)”/”The Change (Part 1)” – Singles Review Electro-wizard David Sempier is back with two badass cuts from his upcoming Untitled Art record called 13 Part 1 – a brand-new original and a cover tune for ya.  Hasn’t been too long since we last experienced ourselves some […]Read More

Neon Radiation – Underdog Remixes

Neon Radiation – Underdog Remixes – EP Review Perfect record to keep your Friday night party going strong into Saturday morning and full proof that a great song can lead multiple lives, Neon Radiation has made an extremely wise decision in putting the single “Underdog” out there to be remixed by many talents found throughout […]Read More

Root For The Villain – “The Wanted”

Extreme yo!  Root For The Villain wastes no time at all in going for the jugular, gripping and ripping through the music & vocals of their latest single “The Wanted.”  Wild combinations of sound goin’ down here – intense, melodic, punishing – you’ll never see this song coming at ya, but you’ll definitely know it […]Read More

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