G8ABAK – “Halloween Story”

 G8ABAK – “Halloween Story”

Hot Halloween bars y’all!

Rapper G8ABAK weaves a fractured tale full of frightening imagery and details some seriously wild times on his brand-new cut, “Halloween Story” – just in time for the season – holla!  Listening to this emcee spit his story through the speakers in your crib is certainly better than sittin’ around the campfire and just waitin’ for Jason to come outta the woods to stab ya this Halloween – so turn the lights down low and turn this track way up!  Over an eerie beat that haunts the atmosphere, G8ABAK brings it confidently to the mic and delivers a devilish rhyme that’s designed for the witching hour on “Halloween Story” – check it out the killer video and the tripped out mix of ghoulish visuals that come with it!

Find more music from G8ABAK at Soundcloud here:  https://soundcloud.com/user-353644032



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