Illy Octane – “Hennessey”

 Illy Octane – “Hennessey”

Illy Octane – “Hennessey” – Music Video Release/Review

Technically I’ve been listening to some form of Illy Octane’s music since back in 2014.  I’m not gonna eat up this new review by going into all the various names he’s been rappin’ under over the years – but I do have to say, in watching both his latest vids from “DopeSmoke” the other day to “Hennessey” here now – I honestly wondered aloud if Illy ever thought he’d ever get THIS good from where he started way back when.  I mean, he’s always been good…no doubt about that…and if you look at his website, you’ll even read about how he views himself as ‘humbly arrogant’ – so maybe he DID know all along that these days were still coming ahead of him in his future.  But ain’t no question about it all now…he’s arrived for real.

To me, having listened throughout his evolution all these years, it’s undeniable just how much he’s taken his whole game to the next-level.  From the way he raps to the amount of style & swagger he can put into a microphone, it’s all bigger, better, tighter, and stronger than it’s ever been before – he hits these bars with nothing but confidence now…and honestly, it’s awesome to hear this guy dominate.  I mean, you can even see it in this new video – the “Hennessey” is supposed to be something that adds to his own style…and of course, in many ways it does – BUT…I mean, if “Hennessey” could talk, it’d be thankin’ Illy Octane for ridin’ with it, you feel me?  Illy makes “Hennessey” look better all-around.  The point is…when you’re really in the zone…when you step into that moment where you’re an artist and there’s no looking back at life in any other way…everything in your presence comes to life around ya.  That’s the effect that Illy’s having on the scene right now…you can hear it in the inspired way he tackled the collaboration with emcees Weez and Steve Hood on “DopeSmoke,” and you can see it in the videos that are being made…everything’s on the way up here, because this guy has that level of magnetism.  Star quality.  The ‘it’ factor.  Call it whatever you want – the fact is, this homie is completely on the rise.  He’s unlocked his strengths entirely and is surging forward in his career, excelling from every angle.

Doesn’t mean he ain’t gonna have a lil’ bit of fun along the way too, you dig?  “Hennessey” has him out walkin’ the block in a hazy day-drunk scenario…or at least, from the looks of the bottle most of the time, he should be.  He’s been “drinkin’ like a camel” according to what he’ll tell ya on this single…and I mean…if you’re walking around with a bottle as proudly on display in broad daylight like Illy is here in the video, I suppose you gotta take the man at his word!  The beat he’s working with is KILLER…the low-end definition is supreme, leading to big moments both with & without it that flex huge dynamics between the music & the space where Illy makes a massive impact through his charismatic flow.  As for the rap itself, dude’s crushin’ it of course – Illy’s got all that character, tone, and attitude in his voice that makes an emcee truly memorable.  And note the socks y’all – he’s walkin’ head up high & “Hennessey” even higher – and he don’t gives no fucks.  The man is here to put this bottle into retirement and to kick the party into full gear with a slick new single.

Quality comin’ from all angles once again.  The video for “Hennessey” is spectacular when it comes to how it’s shot & edited – and for real, how much of a straight-up BOSS does Illy look like when he’s struttin’ around the city, bottle in hand?  Like I said y’all – the man makes “Hennessey” look good yo!

All-in-all, you might even consider this a love song of the highest caliber.  Not too many people out there that you’ll meet that love anything as much as Illy clearly loves his Henny.  But that’s just what this emcee is all about right now…real commitment…on the mic, with his music, with his videos, and obviously with his brand of choice.  “Hennessey” is without a doubt another wicked combination of audio/video for Illy Octane – and another solid reason to look forward to the project he’s droppin’ soon before the year is up.

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