Month: <span>October 2018</span>

Between The Void – Beat’Em Up

Between The Void – Beat’Em Up – EP Review Ohhhhhhhhhh Between The Void – you lot have gotta be stoked on how this EP came out eh?  Definitely a band I remember from back in 2016 when I reviewed their self-titled record and discovered their barnstorming energy for the first time.  Been a great month […]Read More

SHZA MN – “You Run, You Hide” Feat. juxa

Awesome stuff out of Porvoo, Finland!  SHZA MN and juxa collaborate to create a soulful & slow-burning Electro/R&B/Pop combination of crossover sound on their brand-new single “You Run, You Hide.”  Killer sound, killer vocals, and a killer lyric video expertly put together by Jesse Hiltunen to support it all – these two sensational artists create […]Read More

InCrest – The Ladder The Climb The Fall

InCrest – The Ladder The Climb The Fall – Album Review Looks like we’re definitely on solid ground here.  Taking a look at the social media & pages of info on Copenhagen’s Alt-Rock band InCrest revealed a whole list of influences I’ve grown up with & loved myself…bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In […]Read More

Fans Of Jimmy Century – “Best Of My Generation”

“Back your punk ass up!” That’s probably advice & words to live by – you’re not ready for the endless creativity, imagination, wild sound, and straight-up fun this duo provides!  They sure picked a good home to host their new video that’s for sure – the guy writing these words you’re reading has a Hunter […]Read More

The Naddiks – “Let Go”/”Dolly Rocker”

The Naddiks – “Let Go”/”Dolly Rocker” – Singles Review Let the comparisons begin! In many ways, I won’t have much choice this time around in writing this review…many things have changed with The Naddiks since last we checked in on them around 2017 with the “RagTop (Yosef Flumeri Remix).”  As far as original tunes goes, […]Read More

EverIgnite – “On Fire”

Let this cut spark the energy in your speakers today!  EverIgnite out of Denver, Colorado have their sites set on filling stadiums with big rock-anthems and massive hooks – and they demonstrate they’re more than capable of doing that with resounding confidence, professional control, and hooks you genuinely want to sing along with on the […]Read More

Alisa Chirco – “Box”

Alisa Chirco – “Box” – Single Review Ok!  I have…actually, I have a ton of questions that need answering… Like as in – how haven’t I heard this song by now?  It was officially released around this time last year.  Or as in – why haven’t I seen this video yet?  It’s pretty much one […]Read More

Krystal Brown – “Sick Of Excuses”

This Indie-Pop cut continues to get cooler & cooler – Krystal Brown has got a really unique & creative vibe in her music that is destined to impress.  Combining a poetic & focused approach to the lyrics with a highly imaginative & smooth sound in the music & vocals, Krystal takes “Sick Of Excuses” from […]Read More

The Inner Party – “Stay Together For The Cats” Feat.

The Inner Party – “Stay Together For The Cats” Feat. Erin Poppy – Single Review There’s definitely something here…I’m just not sure if I know exactly what that is.  In my defense, it doesn’t quite seem like The Inner Party know what that is yet either…if you look on their social-media pages, you’ll discover a […]Read More

Ronald Williams – SuperNova Album Sampler

Ronald Williams – SuperNova – Album Sampler/Singles Review Alrighty now…this is what you always hope for in between a then and a now…progression, evolution, development.  We last checked out the music of Ronald Williams in August of this year and discovered an artist that is finding their voice and really starting to embrace this moment […]Read More

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