Peter Senior – “Cool Ride”

 Peter Senior – “Cool Ride”

Peter Senior – “Cool Ride” – Music Video Release/Review

Here’s my opinion on the video and why this works so well with Peter’s song.  It’s a known fact that our music’s history has been stocked with plenty of songs about ‘chicks & cars’ throughout the years…so there’s that to consider of course.  What I think makes this single from Senior a truly great one though, is just how much he embraces all this and doesn’t shy away from it whatsoever; essentially, if you’re going to retread where others have gone, it’s important to go there fearlessly and confidently – and that’s exactly what he does here on “Cool Ride.”  I mean, this cut is a true celebration of all-things-auto, ain’t it?  Having heard the song as much as I have at this point, it’s almost unfathomable to me that I could somehow walk into a man’s garage and not hear this tune blasting at full volume while they work on an engine or whatever it is real men do.  I can’t tell the difference between a ball peen hammer and a regular screwdriver…so this is all clearly just a theory & image that I’ve created in my head but I think that’s how this goes.  In fact I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure you just crank up “Cool Ride” with a bunch of car parts lying around and the whole thing will start to magically build itself like a Transformer.

But that’s the power of a focused tune…it can serve as a vehicle for your mind and truly take you somewhere else, straight out of your day and into another world entirely.  Like, I FEEL like I could put on “Cool Ride” and just saunter over to a car & go to work on it…like somehow the music Senior’s made would bless me with an idiot-savant like knowledge that just knew what needed fixing.  And maybe that’s true – like I said, we’ll never really know…I drive a Nissan.  Do people actually spend time under the hoods of modern-day SUVs tinkering around and beefing up the engines?  I don’t think so?  I’m guessing…because that seems like a real stretch to me…I’m pretty sure you need a kickass ride from back in the day.  Even a tool like me understands that cars were built way more artistically back then.

A song like “Cool Ride” really helps you appreciate that love for a great design.

There is so much of a ‘classic’ atmosphere in Peter’s single that the right video had to echo that feeling somehow – and again, that’s exactly what he’s pulled off with what came out onscreen to support it.  “Cool Ride” as a video, moves just as sleekly & slickly as the song itself does, through extremely well-shot scenes that celebrate the vibe.  I don’t think that it’s any accident whatsoever that “Cool Ride” is one Budweiser label short of being a full-on beer commercial…I’d be willing to bet in fact, that this was the exact kind of look that he wanted for this video, because that’s totally what “Cool Ride” called for.  Just like you can pair alcohol with great food – that relationship exists between music and videos too; they can be awesome on their own, but in that right combination, truly exceptional.  “Cool Ride” is an exemplary example of what you want in that relationship…how one half truly complements the other & vice-versa.  It’s a wildly sexualized & stylistic sound – and it never stops being an ode to the road and those that really understand what it takes to lay a patch of rubber in their rearview.  Entertaining, focused, and all-around clever when it comes right down to it – Peter Senior not only nails the vibe of the song itself, but he’s given “Cool Ride” every chance to succeed with the ultra-slick video supporting it complementing the whole idea perfectly on a visual level as well.  Cool stuff to say the least!

Read the official press release below to find out even more about Peter Senior’s “Cool Ride” – and make sure to tune into the upcoming episode of SBS Live This Week where I’ll be introducing the video to our show – and of course, by visiting the main website at:

Official Press Release – Peter Senior – New Single “Cool Ride” – A Cool Ride Heating Up!

With one album done and ready to be fully unleashed, Pete Senior is preparing for an all-out onslaught with the release of his new single “Cool Ride.”  This track is a genre-busting grower bursting with subdued energy and retro finesse.  Sleek and smooth vocals build into a powerhouse performance from Pete, a multifaceted artist whose crossover style is a melting pot of Country, melodic Pop, and Jazz.  Within the grooves of this three-minute slice of old-school-meets-contemporary-revelry is the song, first and foremost, a sardonic throwback missing the sensual with the exuberant, merging amiable fun with free-wheeling fervour.  Just try to ignore those seductive brass lines, the lush vocals and that late-night refrain, all nonchalantly delivered in a pure style reminiscent of Michael Buble, Jamie Cullum, and Robbie Williams.  “Cool Ride” is the feature track from Peter’s debut album On The Edge, which delivers a sumptuous array of musical styles meeting head-on.  With everything from theatrical Pop and Country, to Soft Rock and respectful nods to Motown on display, Peter Senior’s grasp of the irreverent with the genuine is one of the hallmarks of his musical prowess.  The secret to the appeal of “Cool Ride” is its carefree and playful nature, the result of Peter and his band’s blistering live performance captured with all the passion and good-time intact.  The allure of “Cool Ride” is sneakily infectious and will keep its charm beyond repeated listens.  With a steadily growing audience for Peter Senior’s stylish and exhilarating sound, as reflected at his live appearances and on a social-media level, “Cool Ride” is certain to lead Peter into the next phase of his musical course, enabling him to gain a wide commercial reach.

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