The ATif – “Rest In Pieces”

 The ATif – “Rest In Pieces”

KILLER lyric video to accompany a cut designed to haunt your Halloween night – The ATif returns to our pages with an electrifying jam called “Rest In Pieces!”  A bloodthirsty track that’s full of dark imagery and howling guitars just in time for your midnight massacre or late-night seance…you know, however you choose to celebrate your holiday season, no judgements here.  The ATif scorches the guitars on “Rest In Pieces” like he’s inspired by the fiery furnace of hell below, lifting the energy of this cut right up to the rafters, complete with haunting narration to guide your spirit through the experience…or at least, you hope!  Check out the brand-new single from The ATif and the wicked lyric video supporting his new track from the upcoming movie called Luv Spell by clicking below!

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