Illy Octane – “DopeSmoke” Feat. Steve Hood & Weez

 Illy Octane – “DopeSmoke” Feat. Steve Hood & Weez

Word on the street is that rapper Illy Octane has got a new project rollin’ out by the end of the year sometime in 2018 – and we’re checkin’ out a few of the lead-singles & videos here at the page over this week.  Starting with a collaboration with Steve Hood & Weez on a cut called “DopeSmoke” – all signs point to Illy once again coming out with more material that takes his career to the next-level.  Killer video set in the streets, ready to get their own version of the Fast & The Furious goin’ on with their posse right there with’em as they rev up the engines of the muscle cars on the line & let this rhyme rip.  Produced by Beatgod Tron and featuring wicked performances from every emcee on the mic – “DopeSmoke” is a solid start to a whole season of Illy Octane coming to end 2018 – be ready!

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