Month: <span>July 2018</span>

Jeff Russell JSwole – “Play”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh – right back at it!” You know you can’t keep a good emcee down for long yo!  Jeff Russell JSwole is back to light up the mic with a rhythm & rhyme designed to amp you up and put some energy into your day – step up players, it’s time to “Play!”  Keeping the […]Read More

Hrg Dp – “Pay Attention”

Killer video for Hrg Dp’s latest joint “Pay Attention” – stylistically shot & edited spectacularly by the professional hands at Jayshotit Productions.  A great single deserves a great video – and the combination of sight & sound add up to genuinely smooth entertainment all the way through this new cut from talented rapper Hrg Dp.  […]Read More

SBS Podcast 052

A new episode to keep you company before we shut it all down here for a couple days to jet off to Toronto & go watch St. Vincent perform!  We’d never leave you without leaving ya with a whole bunch of great tunes to listen to though, so enjoy this set and turn these up […]Read More

Room 1985 – The Bliss

Room 1985 – The Bliss – Album Review Always got time in my day for the UK-based post/psych-rockers in Room 1985!  Checking this one out in advance and stoked to do so – you can cop yourself a copy on August 10th coming up, just around the corner.  For now, you’ll just have to take […]Read More


Amaru Interview SBS:  Amaru!  Dude!  Thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions with us here – completely appreciated.  I’m always looking forward to finding out more about an artist like you with such a diverse sound in their music.  Let’s get everyone on the same page to start with – […]Read More

Josh Christina – “Friend Zone”

Josh Christina – “Friend Zone” – Single Review 100% dig this! Man…I can’t remember if/when I’ve ever written a review where I’ve had the opportunity to compare someone to the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis – but this makes the grade & matches that wildness for sure.  The Killer turns 83 this year…though I’d suspect he’d […]Read More

Emmanuel Dalmas – Soundcloud Songs

Emmanuel Dalmas – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review This man needs no introduction at this point – he’s still on the front of our page from the last time we reviewed his music only a week ago or so when I was checking out his single/video “My Little Girl,” which he had dedicated to his […]Read More

Tough On Fridays – “The Waywards”

Tough On Fridays – “The Waywards” – Single Review As a single, I sure dig this…as a band…it sure seems like Tough On Fridays might just be tough every single day of the week…I’m honestly not quite sure what the story is here after reading what I could find online.  For instance, you’ll notice the […]Read More

Aidan – Self Portrait

Aidan – Self Portrait – Album Review The emotionally-based adventures of Aidan continue. If you’ve been keeping up with our page this year, you’re plenty familiar with the name Aidan by now – this will be the third record this year we’ve examined by the young artist finding his way into the scene.  And by […]Read More

Mr MooQ – “Dreaming In Color”

Mr MooQ – “Dreaming In Color” – Single Review It was just back in May that we first got turned on to the music of Mr MooQ through his single “Double Happiness” – and then it really wasn’t all that long after that he was a featured guest on the single “Be Careful What You […]Read More