SBS Podcast 052

 SBS Podcast 052

A new episode to keep you company before we shut it all down here for a couple days to jet off to Toronto & go watch St. Vincent perform!  We’d never leave you without leaving ya with a whole bunch of great tunes to listen to though, so enjoy this set and turn these up over the rest of your summer!  Great tracks in the mix today from The Kid Chocolate Band, Onetwothreescream, Boy Leadfoot, Juliana Hale, Between Zone and Yam Haus! Plus a double-shot from Spaceport Union and featured spotlights on the music of Far From Final and Blueberry Grass Band! Epic! And right in time for your weekend…you gotta love it – enjoy!

Your official show lineup includes:

Boy Leadfoot – “Swallow”

The Kid Chocolate Band – “Can I Come See You”

Far From Final – “Exhale”

Spaceport Union – “Drone”/”Eterne”

Juliana Hale – “Anthem”

Onetwothreescream – “Fault Lines”

Betweenzone – “Time Has Come”

Yam Haus – “West Coast”

Blueberry Grass Band – “Tom Sawyer”

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