Jeff Russell JSwole – “Play”

 Jeff Russell JSwole – “Play”

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh – right back at it!

You know you can’t keep a good emcee down for long yo!  Jeff Russell JSwole is back to light up the mic with a rhythm & rhyme designed to amp you up and put some energy into your day – step up players, it’s time to “Play!”  Keeping the vibe loose, fun, and on-point, Jeff Russell JSwole takes you right into the studio in the video for “Play” to see how the magic happens direct.  Expertly directed by Tony Carabba, you get to see it all snap together as the main man takes us into the vocal booth in front of the studio boards, ready to throw the switch, start recording, and lay it down in that upbeat JRJS signature style.  “Spittin’ on a 16 – I’m fired-up” – he tells you like it IS on “Play” and the dynamic performance that Jeff Russell JSwole puts in on this cut will stoke the fire in YOU as well – check it out for yourself below…you might just be so inspired by the energy on this track that you’ll end up hittin’ the studio yourself & tryin’ out some hot bars of your own!  Time to “Play” homies – hit that button!

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