Month: <span>July 2018</span>

TheLizardKing – “FromTheExotismToTheFuture&Beyond [Part2]”

TheLizardKing – “FromTheExotismToTheFuture&Beyond [Part2]” – Audio Release/Review Here’s a trip worth taking! Whether it’s still your Friday night or the rage continues on into your Saturday morning, TheLizardKing is here to supply you with a sonic odyssey that’ll keep the party going.  Stocked full of texture and technique, the new mix weighing-in at nearly an […]Read More

Michael Burrows – “Please Don’t Cry”

Michael Burrows – “Please Don’t Cry” – Single Review Michael Burrows…sir…the world is yours to win. This is one of those rare and blissful cases where you can’t hear the Nashville-effect taking over the artist and their natural sound.  As far as I knew when I had started this review and listened to the track […]Read More

Klem – “The Truth” Featuring Rino

Klem – “The Truth” Featuring Rino – Single Review From the looks & sounds of things, Ryan Klem is making some moves with his music.  Cheerful chap too – apparently he wants to have ‘a million dogs’ – and hey, why not?  You make it big as a rockstar entertainer out there, ain’t no one […]Read More

D’Urria – “La Lienda”

Straight-up, we’d all listen to a whole lot more Celtic Folk music in our lives if it was all as adventurous and ambitious as the latest single/video from D’Urria.  They’ve put together an extraordinary & meaningful tale together in this combination between their music and the video directed so magnificently by Héctor Menéndez Aneiros – […]Read More

Ejima – “Bail It”

Ejima – “Bail It” – Single Review How cool is this? I’ve seen & heard quite a bit throughout my time…but I can’t honestly recall a situation where I’ve ever run into a project or band that consisted of two identical twins!  Even more rare – they’re both equally talented…an audible double-threat of entertainment and/or […]Read More

Emmanuel Dalmas – “My Little Girl”

Emmanuel Dalmas – “My Little Girl” – Music Video Release/Review If you caught the latest episode of SBS Live This Week, you had a chance to check out the new video from Emmanuel Dalmas and hear some additional thoughts on the artist & song he’s composed – if you haven’t yet, click this link here […]Read More

B. – Soundcloud Cuts

B. – Soundcloud Cuts – Singles Review Solid vibes in the empowered anthems and big beats that B. is working with.  Got a handful of singles he’s put out over the past year or so that provide a solid glimpse into what this emcee is all about & the heat that he brings to the […]Read More

Ben Green – “High Notes”

Ben Green – “High Notes” – Single Review Awesome to hear this versatile entertainer finding his way out there. Wasn’t really all that long ago that I was listening to Ben Green tracks in demo form; I heard the early version of “High Notes” and could definitely hear the potential he had not just in […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 097

The latest from the vault in our First Five Years series on SBS Live This Week! Check out a rad set from Nebrie playing the Biltmore Cabaret in 2017 & stick around for bonus videos & spotlights on the music of Kory Kane and Emmanuel Dalmas!Read More

A.M.P. – ”Hate My Boss”/”Walk Away”

A.M.P. – ”Hate My Boss”/”Walk Away” Featuring Cearrow Muri – Singles Review Solid couple of singles from A.M.P. – this is a man that’s clearly got Hip-Hop in his blood.  The man can rhyme…there’s no doubt about that, either of these two singles will confirm that for you quickly – but LISTEN to the amount […]Read More