Month: <span>July 2018</span>

Ejima On MTV!

Indie Twin-Duo Debuting on MTV Ejima’s Afrobeats meets R&B single “Bail It” will air on MTV in both UK and USA on August 7th and September 12th respectively. The music video has proven to be an upward hit in just one week of release. So far, it has hit 20,000 Facebook previews on Ejima Official […]Read More

Elmont – “Get Some”

Elmont – “Get Some” – Single Review “I’m gonna hang by the bar…put out the vibe…” Can I just say, I love everything about this new single from Elmont, right down to the artwork?  Elmont is rocking a vibe that is stripped right out from my era…a place where movies like Empire Records offered that […]Read More

Dee Hemingway – “Unbreakable”

Check out the brand-new empowering anthem from singer Dee Hemingway and the new video for her single “Unbreakable.”  Full of powerful tones and bold notes that echo the sentiment & spirit of the lyrics, Dee sings her song with tons of energy, passion, and heart.  Designed as ‘a patriotic song from a different perspective‘ – […]Read More

Michael Regina – A Far Better World

Michael Regina – A Far Better World – Album Review Don’t mistake a chilled-out sound for a weak work ethic – this is Michael Regina’s FOURTH album this YEAR!  How are you feeling about those two songs you’ve been working on for the past year and a half now?  Feeling like it’s probably time to […]Read More

Blueberry Grass Band – “Tom Sawyer”

Blueberry Grass Band – “Tom Sawyer” – Music Video Release/Review Six-piece band!  Canadian Folk no less!  Heck, this crew is practically right next door to us in the province of Quebec, only a short distance away from SBS here in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. And let me just say – they’re welcome here […]Read More

Pellé Price – “G Code”

Pellé Price – “G Code” – Single Review I’m actually really interested in this cut… Pellé Price is up to something wild here…and I think it works. Even though on most of the award shows you’ll ever see for entertainment, whether it’s music or video, there are at least half of the artists & bands […]Read More

LIL COKE – “Demons”

Catchy, rhythmic, gripping, personal, & real – rapper LIL COKE releases some “Demons” on his latest single.  Presented by Greatonfilms, the highly-stylistically shot & edited video for LIL COKE’s new cut perfectly complements the dark vibes and thematic threads that tie this track together.  From this wildly personal experience relayed over the mic and the […]Read More

The Dolan Band – “She’s Mine”/”You Do This To Me”

The Dolan Band – “She’s Mine”/”You Do This To Me” – Singles Review I see four men with respectable beards in the promo pics I’ve found on the net for The Dolan Band, so you know they’re plenty cool with me.  Just so happens they can put together a killer tune as well! If you’ve […]Read More

Will EsCargo – “Family Guy”

“Someone farted.”  Ok.  This is brilliant. For all the bossed-up & gritty tone in his voice…all the bold & precise moves that rapper Will EsCargo brings to the m-i-c with such resounding authority…all the hot bars he’s spittin’ with such audible skill & conviction…well…you’d honestly be surprised at just how much shit he’s about to […]Read More

Uncle Brent & The Nostone – Another Round

Uncle Brent & The Nostone – Another Round – EP Review Well now, here we are, back with good ol’ Uncle Brent up on our pages with The Nostone Music Band.  They’ve got themselves a brand-new two-track EP being released in like…hmmm…hours from now I suppose, Another Round comes out officially on July 23rd, aka […]Read More