Month: <span>June 2018</span>

Charming Timur – There Is No Going Back

Charming Timur – There Is No Going Back – Album Review Well now…if it ain’t the ol’ persistent noise-rock experiment Charming Timur back in the mix here in 2018 already!  That seems fair to me…Santeri Lohi, the dude that runs the show here in CT, totally copped out last time around with a greatest hits […]Read More

Tigga Montana – “Whip It”

Tigga Montana brings serious swag to the mic and style to the rap game on his cut “Whip It” – and is IF it couldn’t get more entertaining, somehow it does through the wicked video shot to support this wild single!  Hitting up the bars with rhythmic precision, Tigga Montana works the hooks on “Whip […]Read More

Brittany Craft – Welcome Home

Brittany Craft – Welcome Home – Album Review Whole lotta soul, whole lotta heart, whole lotta passion for music in the sound of Brittany Craft’s faith-based songs on her new album Welcome Home – she’s got a fresh energy that works fantastically with her emotionally powerful melodies and carefully crafted tunes.  As I’ve often mentioned […]Read More

Cat Stratakis & Raul del Moral – “Hey Ya!”

Brilliant!  What a stunning cover of the Outkast original performed by the collaboration of singer Cat Stratakis & pianist Raul del Moral – you will get actual CHILLS from the captivating way they’ve collectively approached this massive hit.  Slowing it down & truly making this version their own, Cat sounds absolutely fantastic…graceful, angelic, soulful; Raul […]Read More

Lui x Mr.White – “The Light”

Inspiration is a two-way street…and if you play your cards right homies, the vibe can spread out even further. In the case of this new single “The Light,” Lui mentions online that the song came to him from a place within his dreams; clearly inspired by the ideas when he woke up, he continued to […]Read More

Goldie Stallone – “Be Down”

“Cali bud & some wine…” – sounds good don’t it?  Try to tell me you don’t feel that homies, you KNOW you do! Goldie Stallone hits the bars like he means every word he spits into the m-i-c.  On his latest single “Be Down,” we’re talking gold grills, gold chains, gold watches, gold rhymes – […]Read More

illabit – “Magic”

Born & raised in NYC – rapper illabit puts style & swag into the mic to make “Magic” on his latest single.  And LOOK at the blunt in this video will ya!?!  This homie ain’t playin’ yo.  Working the hooks, rhythm, & rhymes for everything they’re worth – illabit keeps it real verbally while showing […]Read More

Few Miles South – “On Down The Road”

Few Miles South – “On Down The Road” – Single Review So…you kinda have to put yourself in my shoes to fully appreciate why I started smiling right away when it came to reviewing Few Miles South.  Imagine you JUST pushed play on the music and sat down to do your tippity-typey thing…and immediately, you […]Read More

onetwothreescream – Lit

onetwothreescream – Lit – EP Review It takes a truly special artist to go from doing what they know inside & out as a solo act to opening up & expanding the ideas to new members or different styles of music altogether…or at least, that is, to make it happen successfully.  WHEN it happens, it […]Read More