Cat Stratakis & Raul del Moral – “Hey Ya!”

 Cat Stratakis & Raul del Moral – “Hey Ya!”

Brilliant!  What a stunning cover of the Outkast original performed by the collaboration of singer Cat Stratakis & pianist Raul del Moral – you will get actual CHILLS from the captivating way they’ve collectively approached this massive hit.  Slowing it down & truly making this version their own, Cat sounds absolutely fantastic…graceful, angelic, soulful; Raul is equally spectacular as he adapts this song to the haunting piano melody.  This entire perspective on what “Hey Ya!” could be works so remarkably well that you’ll seriously be amazed at just how well this hit crosses over to a completely new sound.  A true example of everything possible going RIGHT – these two impressively talented musicians combine forces to create one absolutely memorable moment in time & worthy cover version; and when you hear the incredible heights they reach in the finale of “Hey Ya!” – believe me when I say, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were feeling this moment every bit as much as we do.  100% stunning and radiantly fresh – Cat Stratakis & Raul del Moral mesmerize with this version of “Hey Ya!” – check it out for yourself in the official video below!

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