Month: <span>June 2018</span>

Betweenzone – Full Artificial Intelligence

Betweenzone – Full Artificial Intelligence – Album Review Stoked to have this band back on our pages, and for plenty of good reasons.  Early on in the year, sometime in January, we were first introduced to the sounds of Betweenzone through a handful of singles – all of which I was pretty much ecstatic about […]Read More

Steven J Push – “The Road”

Steven J Push – “The Road” – Single Review If you take a moment to read about Steven J Push’s journey to music online, you’ll find the quintessential tale that has driven many a musician forward to their destiny.  Quitting the ol’ j-o-b, loading up the car, and then heading on out to music city…which, […]Read More

JXCK – “I’ll Miss You”

Check out a powerful new voice in music, proudly representing the LGBTQ community and leading the way by example in embracing his own self-expression as an artist, JXCK has just released the emotionally sincere & tender Pop/R&B single “I’ll Miss You.”  A vibrant dose of minimalism in the music that’s relevant for today, he shines […]Read More

New Sky – “Son” Featuring TonyB.

New Sky – “Son” Featuring TonyB. – Music Video Release/Review ‘Son, a man’s word is his bond.’  That’s sage advice right there. You’ll find that this bluesy tune is loaded with a ton of insight in that regard.  Written as a tribute to fathers, the new single “Son” by New Sky from the record New […]Read More

Blue Apollo – “Youth”

Blue Apollo – “Youth” – Single Review Well here ya go…all you people out there looking for some uplifting energy & positive messages in the music you listen to – “Youth” should pack in plenty of both for ya.  A song that ultimately celebrates the freedom of being young and living for today…all that good […]Read More

SBS Podcast 051

Catch a killer new episode with a ton of new & great music from out there in the independent music-scene! Includes new tunes from Soldier Rye, Astronomique, Ultratone, Kasai, and a spotlight on the new Dark Room EP from Plike – plus bonus cuts and Podcast classics from LoFi Chill, Western Estates, Porcelain People, and […]Read More

Plike – Dark Room

Plike – Dark Room – EP Review I’ve been SO EXCITED to get to this record & relay my thoughts to you – PLIKE is BACK on our pages!  If you’ve been a follower here at the pages, you know how much I love the music that this artist creates – certainly if you’ve tuned […]Read More

David Benton & The Jewell – “Boom”

Hold on tight homies – David Benton & The Jewell about to positively set it off – “Boom!” Check out the fresh energy in this cut and recognize the art of the wordsmith in full-effect as this collaboration kicks into high gear with a solid vibe that is entirely relevant for the right here & […]Read More

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