Tigga Montana – “Whip It”

 Tigga Montana – “Whip It”

Tigga Montana brings serious swag to the mic and style to the rap game on his cut “Whip It” – and is IF it couldn’t get more entertaining, somehow it does through the wicked video shot to support this wild single!  Hitting up the bars with rhythmic precision, Tigga Montana works the hooks on “Whip It” for all they’re worth, delivering a memorable cut that’s sure to get your speakers shakin’ and quakin’ with the low-end infused beat he’s rappin’ on.  The man’s just tryin’ to get money like Jay-Z – somebody PAY this emcee…he’s giving your ears gold, it’s only fair right?  With killer direction by Wynwood Spitta – the results come out looking just as spectacular as they sound – don’t get caught sleepin’ on this…it’s the summer anthem your ears are craving – have a look/listen to “Whip It” by Tigga Montana below!

Find out more about Tigga Montana at Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/tigga_montana

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