Month: <span>June 2018</span>

Swan – “High Road” Feat. Freaky Boiz

An infusion of emotional intensity and a cut that details the struggles in life & love – Swan delivers the memorable hooks with a melodic sweetness in his voice that contrasts perfectly with the dynamic flow from featured guest Freaky Boiz hitting the bars of “High Road” with precision & style.  Solid balance of strengths […]Read More

My Little Morties – Bart Has Autism

My Little Morties – Bart Has Autism – EP Review This likely falls under the rule of ‘just because you can, doesn’t always mean ya should’ – My Little Morties is definitely reaching far out there to create new combinations in sound.  As to whether or not that’s gonna work for ya…it’s hard to say […]Read More

Ultratone – “A Dream”

Ultratone – “A Dream” – Single Review I think…I think that the more I listen to “A Dream” the more I want to give this song a huge thumbs-up. I also think that this single is going to have the same effect on you…consider yourself warned. This band is incredibly dialed-in to their vibe at […]Read More

Dawn Duchess – “Already Made It”

The Duchess returns!  Show your respect & read the official word up! FINALLY! New Dawn Duchess Music is up with some visuals to go with the new track. A collaboration with 1 of Raleigh, North Carolina’s upcoming suproducers sets the tone for a brand new mixtape! “Already Made It” has a darker vibe with self […]Read More

David T. Dunn – “Catch That Train”

David T. Dunn – “Catch That Train” – Single Review If you’ve grown up with any kind of appreciation for Classic Rock, it’d be pretty hard not to appreciate the sound & style of David T. Dunn’s latest single “Catch That Train.”  Emulating the quintessential songwriter’s music, he’s likely to score comparisons to all kinds […]Read More

D.Ni.L – Boy. Inside

D.Ni.L – Boy. Inside – Album Review Way back at the end of April this year, I jumped on to the bandwagon of D.Ni.L’s music and slid into a permanent seat via the incredible sounds from the lead-single “Glue” from his new album Boy. Inside.  Alright…so it wasn’t really all that long ago…it doesn’t really […]Read More

Dr Optimiser – “100 Steps To The Shoreline”

It’s tracks like these that make late-night musical exploration so damn wonderfully worthwhile.  I’m callin’ it like I’m hearin’ it tonight – and I’m tellin’ ya…if you can’t get down with this rad electro jam from Dr Optimiser you are clearly dead inside…because this…THIS…is freakin’ genius.  Expertly structured to deliver pure audio entertainment from the […]Read More

Klef Mikaydo – “Last Night”/”Purple Clouds”

Klef Mikaydo – “Last Night”/”Purple Clouds” – Singles Review Make no mistake, this guy fucks. That’s not just an opinion or observation – Klef Mikaydo will spell it all out clearly for ya in the lyrics of his single “Last Night” – and I’d assume we can take his word on everything he’s rappin’ bout.  […]Read More

Air Of Water – Turbulence Vol. 1

Air Of Water – Turbulence Vol. 1 – EP Review If you were to look at the social media pages of Air Of Water before pressing play on the music – and you’re a fan of the alternative-era like I am – chances are you’ll be as excited about this project as I became.  We’re […]Read More – “Do Or Die”

Rapping with tremendous precision, rhythm, & skill – brings the energy to the bars, flexing fresh verbal talent & spittin’ out truths left & right on his new single “Do Or Die.”  With memorable hooks to fuel the chorus – the balance on this cut is impeccable and gets you listening quickly through a […]Read More

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