Blackmyth – Mylène Farmer – “Fuck Them All (Blackmyth Remix)”

 Blackmyth – Mylène Farmer – “Fuck Them All (Blackmyth Remix)”

Blackmyth – Mylène Farmer – “Fuck Them All (Blackmyth Remix)” – Single Review

Just goes to show you how much I don’t know about music still…I felt like I might have heard the name Mylène Farmer before, but I certainly couldn’t recall any specific track by title or memory.  As it turns out, she was born about a stone’s throw from where the studio I am sitting in is now – she was born in Quebec and has lived in France for most of her life, going on to become one of the best-selling recording artists the country has ever offered the world.  Who knew right?  Sorry about that Mylène Farmer – that’s on me, not on you…as much as I try to listen to it all and become familiar with every act under the sun, I know that’s completely impossible and that there’s always an artist or band that somehow falls through the cracks along the way…this time it’s you.

Anyhow…I don’t think she’ll mind me having no idea who she was until now, she’s already sold well over 30 million records apparently, and like I said, what do I know anyway?  I ain’t here to represent the mainstream – but I do always appreciate when an artist or band remix a cut like Blackmyth is doing here and by proxy, somehow have me discovering someone I didn’t even know about – you should feel the same.  That’s forever one of the raddest things about music; how it can lead you to other music, through a maze of covers, remixes, solo projects & side projects – there can be so much more out there involving your own favorite bands/artists than you might even realize.  Take a couple moments one day and Google or YouTube or whatever it is you do with the internet search and just type in your favorite band, artist, song, album – you get the picture; at this point in our history, we’ve adding layer-upon-layer of tributes in digital history and quite often, sharing the songs that inspire us each as artists & musicians.

Blackmyth takes the Mylène Farmer out of Mylène Farmer’s tune here to turn this remix into an instrumental – that’ll likely be one of the first things you’ll notice if you’re familiar with the original song.  What’s been retained is the eerie confidence and relentless pulse of the beat, which plays a strong role in both versions of the song, but here in the ‘Blackmyth Remix’ of Mylène Farmer’s “Fuck Them All,” it’s that essence of the vibe & spirit of the song that get the most prominent place in the spotlight.  That angsty-edge and empowering attitude of the original is brought out even more here in this Blackmyth remix…it’s like the chip on someone’s shoulder brought to life, or that moment right past breaking-point where it’s game-on and time to make your move for revenge.  Definitely a wise choice on Blackmyth’s part in choosing a killer beat to work with and really bring the atmosphere of his own version to life with what’s essentially its own unique direction; the results end up being a decidedly new experience grown from the original roots.  For those unfamiliar with Blackmyth, the dude also makes music as Roman Kharkovsky – and if you read the last review on the split single that contained both earlier this month, you’ll notice I mentioned this like…oh what would you call it…hybrid style that seemed to be developing between the two projects.  On “Fuck Them All” – I felt much the same way…it’s like the haunting mystique of a Kharkovsky song through the perspective of Blackmyth; to me, the connection between the two styles & approaches to music are a complementary pairing.

As per the Blackmyth standards – the audio-quality is exceptional and the production is top-notch, as always, as expected at this point.  But give the man some real credit where credit is due – go LISTEN to the original song by Mylène Farmer and then LISTEN to this version of “Fuck Them All” by Blackmyth again – and recognize just how many significant changes need to be made to get from point-A to point-B.  You end up completely in Blackmyth’s world through the hypnotic vibe of the beat and stunning electro sounds sneaking into your speakers along the adventure…and by the time you’re in the middle of this tune, you’ll realize just how far away from ‘home’ you are now and the sound of the original.  Morphing Mylène Farmer into something all-new to experience & listen to – Blackmyth has created a subtly-eerie and textural track that dynamically explores the original rhythm & groove and takes it to an all new realm of its potential and possibilities.  More solid music from a reliable source – Blackmyth continues to put in a solid year and challenge himself creatively – we dig all that here.

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