Goldie Stallone – “Be Down”

 Goldie Stallone – “Be Down”

Cali bud & some wine…” – sounds good don’t it?  Try to tell me you don’t feel that homies, you KNOW you do!

Goldie Stallone hits the bars like he means every word he spits into the m-i-c.  On his latest single “Be Down,” we’re talking gold grills, gold chains, gold watches, gold rhymes – Goldie Stallone brings it verbally with precision and lays out what’s real in this wild tale of life, love, and what goes down in between the sheets.  Featuring the stunning Instagram sensation Lacey Jane in the video supporting Stallone’s new single “Be Down” – this cut is every bit as watchable as it is worth your time to listen to – check out what Goldie brings to the rap game as he gets his lyrical grind on & gives you plenty to look at onscreen.

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