Mikäel – “Underground”

 Mikäel – “Underground”

Mikäel – “Underground” – Music Video Release/Review

There’s definitely something special at work here…a professional patience you can hear in the approach from singer/songwriter Mikäel that is undeniably powerful and every bit as captivating to listen to on his new single “Underground.”  Remarkably chilled-out, bold where the energy needs it – you can genuinely hear the authenticity in his writing and the strength of the connection that Mikäel has with his music.

The delicate piano melody that starts “Underground” begins to build and hint at the upcoming switch in energy from verse to chorus immediately…as tender as it starts, you can recognize that it’s the kind of opening stocked full of enticing sound, but that it’s also headed somewhere focused.  Those transitions that come up along the way, whether it be from verse to chorus, to the bridges or breakdowns – they are all executed with such noticeable skill and flawless movements.  Structured with real craft, everything you’ll hear from the subtle beat to the violins, smart effects that are added to the lead vocals, the soaring background vocals, the piano that stays consistently strong…it all adds up to a song that’s extremely well assembled and performed like Mikäel has had it inside him for years just waiting to be recorded.  The results have come out sounding spectacular…not a thing about this I’d change and I think beyond mere production & whatnot, the facts are simple – it’s the writing that leads him to victory on “Underground” – this entire song has immaculate attention to detail and a seriously uplifting vibe.  AND – just to make the situation even more sweet for the music-fans out there, Mikäel has a brand-new lyric-video supporting his stunning single “Underground” – check it out for yourself below!

Because whether it’s the hooks in the verses that he’s written to flow so expertly, or the amazing sound of the hooks in the chorus with his lyrics surrounded in a powerful atmosphere that envelops you as it plays – you’re bound to find that you’ll connect with the sentiment of this song just as much as Mikäel has…and that’s all due to the fact that he’s put his heart & soul into his performance and made this entire experience feel incredibly real.  You can practically feel that energy flow right into you from the song to your speakers and your speakers to your soul when Mikäel plunges deep into the exquisite depths of the chorus on “Underground” – definitely the kind of hooks so strong that they’ll stick with you for days and the whole empowering vibe that runs through this song is one that I can guarantee a ton of people will not just enjoy, but purposely seek out.  I think Mikäel has done an exceptional job on “Underground” and performed this song with such notable emotion and spot-on tone that he really brings his words to the surface in ways that people will notice…there’s a real wisdom in the sound of his voice that guides it along confidently & the poetic style of his lyricism shines with texture in its imagery so vivid that every moment of this song feels like it comes from a genuinely real place inside him.

You can see the emotions…you can feel the thoughts…you can touch the music…”Underground” is like its own experience altogether…and a journey certainly worth taking.  As Mikäel displays a range of ideas and complex emotional themes along the way…as isolated or desolated as they might sometimes come across in the words, the combination of contrast with the uplifting sound of pure hope in the music has made everything about “Underground” an entirely memorable single.  Excellent song all-around.

Find more music from Mikäel at his official channel at YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5S8RLivmh8i7e2QD9UiuYw

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