Daxuva & Nina Miranda – “Hummingbird”

 Daxuva & Nina Miranda – “Hummingbird”

Words cannot even begin to express how excited I am about what I’ve heard here on this debut single from Daxuva & Nina Miranda – this is Trip-Hop perfection and genuine art from beginning to end.  Seriously, as far as the genre is concerned, this already fits right in there with the best of the best; Daxuva has created an absolutely stunning subtle beat & sounds on “Hummingbird” that float spectacularly through the atmosphere in a vibe that you’ll never want to end – and then you add the breathtaking style of Nina Miranda’s vocals on top of all that awesomeness?  As far as I’ve read on social media – this extraordinary collaboration is currently working on a full album…and you can consider me first in line for that if this single is an indication of the caliber & quality within their music.  Trip-Hop is my favorite genre to listen to bar-none, yet it’s also one of the styles of music that rarely sees a new champion come out from year to year, leaving many of us to continue spinning many of the old records we know & love…but THIS…this combination of talent between Daxuva & Nina Miranda…

…this could be the exact breath of fresh air the entire genre could truly use right now.  There is something seriously magical happening here on “Hummingbird” that can’t be denied.  Absolutely loved this cut from the exceptional music to the wonderfully artistic visuals supporting it – check out the new single/video below!

Find out more about Daxuva at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/daxuvamusic/

Find out more about Nina Miranda at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ninamirandaofficial/

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