Month: <span>January 2018</span>

Annie DiRusso – “Gone”/”Blue Walls”

Annie DiRusso – “Gone”/”Blue Walls” – Singles Review Every once in a while, we get lucky enough to uncover a new perspective, rare sound or an artist/band that we can be confident about hearing years after we discovered it for the first time.  There are songs that leave such a stunning impression that to assume […]Read More

Racci AK – “MBMAH”

Racci AK – “MBMAH” – Single Review Probably best that I pass on the caution that was passed onto me – there’s some language in Racci AK’s new cut “MBMAH” that…umm…it uh…well…let’s just say it might not be suitable for every set of ears out there…some of that adults-only kind of content, feel me? It’s […]Read More

Pauline Frechette – Follow My Heart

Pauline Frechette – Follow My Heart – EP Review I’ve gotta admit, I’ve always enjoyed the fact that artists like Pauline Frechette can exist on pages like ours.  It was over four years ago now that we decided to take on music reviews – and I like to think that a lot of the reason […]Read More

AK – “Get Your Hands Up!”

AK – “Get Your Hands Up!” – Music Video Release Leave it to AK – when it comes to verifiable audio-entertainment through stunning electro combinations, AK Productions is building a solid reputation on hitting the mark right on target.  After previously checking out his last single “Party Of The Wolves” – it definitely felt like […]Read More

Sjana Rut – “Show Me Your Truth” Feat. NumerusX

Vibrant & soulful electro-pop, all the way from Iceland, courtesy of singer/songwriter Sjana Rut and her new single “Show Me Your Truth.”  With a wild beat & colorful music that has a powerful & uplifting vibe, this expressive tune highlights the versatile vocal talents of Sjana (pronounced Shana) in an immaculately catchy electro-rhythm & groove […]Read More

Ezla – “Skeletons”

Ezla – “Skeletons” – Single Review If you check into Ezla’s social-media out there, you’ve already read about how she went on to outperform all expectations in 2017 after releasing her debut single/title-track from her upcoming record called “Outcasts.”  We reviewed that cut here with the same amount of glowing enthusiasm that she was essentially […]Read More

Zodiack – “Where Ya At Now”

Check out the vibrantly chilled-out sounds of the music & wild, low-down rhythm & rhymes of rapper Zodiack (Aka Zack Elswick) on his latest single “Where Ya At Now” from the video/audio-post of his new cut at YouTube below! Be the next artist or band to have your latest song or video featured on our […]Read More

Crow Eats Man – Crow Eats Man

Crow Eats Man – Crow Eats Man – EP Review Stone Temple Pilots.  Rage Against The Machine.  Alice In Chains. Those are three of the main names being thrown around in comparison to the sound of Crow Eats Man, a five piece band from the San Francisco Bay area.  Considering I know the material and […]Read More

0193 – This Day Burns Album III

Before they got all busted up in 2017 forever and evermore, there was a band, and they kicked a supreme amount of ass.  This Day Burns is unfortunately no longer on the active side of the roster of the independent music-scene, but the memories and the music remain.  Enjoy some additional shots from our time […]Read More

Foux – Boréal

Foux – Boréal – EP Review In six songs and an experience that was altogether too short – Foux has released an absolutely stunning EP officially today, called Boréal – and for you electro-fans out there, do yourself a favor and make sure to check this out.  After everything I’ve heard, Foux has given you […]Read More