Month: <span>January 2018</span>

“Give Me One More Kiss” (Demo Feat. Chris Davidson)

“Give Me One More Kiss” (Demo Featuring Chris Davidson) – Single Review Decent demo tune put forth from songwriter Ron Huelskamp, the new single “Give Me One More Kiss” (Featuring Chris Davidson on vocals) has a mix of haunting sentimentality that has plenty of contrast between the music, vocals & lyrics that help this tune […]Read More

Matt Purcell – “Take It Slow”

Matt Purcell – “Take It Slow” – Single Review Really interesting story taking place in behind the music of Matt Purcell. If you read about the guy, you’ll find out that he got his start in music pretty early on, releasing two albums by the time he was still in his teenage years.  From there […]Read More

KeyzKent & ItsTheChamp42 – “Valentines Rush”

Check out a live in-studio promo clip & photos for the new cut “Valentines Rush” in the new video from KeyzKent & ItsTheChamp42.  They’re clearly feelin’ that studio-vibe – look closely and you’ll see they’ve got all the right ingredients lyin’ around to keep’em grindin’ out beats all night long into the next morning.  Have […]Read More

Collins And Streiss – Singles

Collins And Streiss – Singles Review From the looks of things in the world according to social-media & available information, we’ve got a couple of seriously multi-talented guys creating the music of Collins And Streiss.  Based out of Richmond Hill, Ontario…roughly about a four hour drive away from the studio write here where I’m typing […]Read More


The cross-continental duo of DaltonRobinson have a brand-new record out & available now – their official debut album, called Worlds Apart.  Though they live in opposite corners of the globe with Michael Dalton living in Australia and Rory Robinson living in Ireland, they pushed past the timezone differences and found a way to make their […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 080

Brand-new episode of SBS Live This Week! A video-interview with singer/songwriter Ed Roman no less! Part I of II – make sure to check out what this guy has to say and the exclusive LIVE performances he’s put together in this episode.  A real gentleman and a complete pro in every sense of the word, […]Read More

Chad Rubin – Brighter Days

Chad Rubin – Brighter Days – Album Review This guy!  We’re taking a step back in the timeline of things to revisit a record you should have checked out by now by Chad Rubin, called Brighter Days.  If you’ve been following along with our pages, you’re already familiar with his latest stunning single “Alone AF” […]Read More

Les Kraven – “Shinin'”

Dig into the hypnotic rhythm, beat & flow of this brand-new cut from rapper Les Kraven called “Shinin.'” Featuring the production of Young Taylor, he reflects on life and where it’s all taking him as he moves forward in his own story – check out what this emcee has to say through the audio-post of […]Read More

mentalEscape – Drama

mentalEscape – Drama – EP Review Hats off to Mirza Causevic, the man behind the music of mentalEscape – over the course of his eight new cuts on his Drama EP, he really brought me to a great combination of nostalgia & an all-new experience.  Nostalgic because it took me right back to when I […]Read More

WOUNDEDSPiRiT – “Forever Young”

Safe to say you can expect a really big year for the band WOUNDEDSPiRiT in 2018!  Reformed after sixteen years away from the scene – they’ve got their debut record officially coming out in March this year, with new videos, singles and all kinds of awesomeness planned to support it.  The latest offering is already […]Read More