Month: <span>January 2018</span>

Germaine D’Rosario – “Angel”

Germaine D’Rosario – “Angel” – Single Review You know what they say, ‘new do, new you!’ You might notice that Germaine’s rocking a hairdo much, much different than the last time we reviewed her music, back in 2016, when we checked out a handful of singles she’d done that played to the strengths of her […]Read More

Butcherz Blok Music – “I Promise” Featuring LAWN

Butcherz Blok Music – “I Promise” Featuring LAWN – Music Video Release Really cool stuff!  Learning about Butcherz Blok Music, I gotta hand it to this crew led by DJ ROGO…the collaborative spirit of music runs deep here in this project and they’ve just released a stunning example of the unique, expressive & imaginative results […]Read More

AK – “Party Of The Wolves”

AK Productions – “Party Of The Wolves” – Music Video Release “An EDM/Dance track carefully mastered for maximum impact!” That’s a direct quote from the official posting up at YouTube & you gotta love it when that’s the first thing you read about a brand-new song.  What’s even better, is that music-producer AK can back […]Read More

Nefarious Cloud – “Beserk”

Nefarious Cloud takes you into the dank of the basement with a low-down beat and a twisted approach to music you likely haven’t heard before.  Sounding dangerous, menacing and full of mayhem – if Nefarious Cloud hasn’t convinced you within fifteen-seconds of his new video for his single “Beserk” that he’s willing to bend all […]Read More

C-Harris – “Relentless”

C-Harris gets it.  His brand new single “Relentless,” released on January 1st of this year, is designed to stoke the fires of inspiration & motivation in the people out there…to get them woke…to draw a line in the sand that challenges those out there with talent to back it all up with a genuine work-ethic […]Read More

GoodxJ – “Here For The Ones”

Armed with a big chorus hook and plenty of fresh rhymes to start your 2018 off on the right note, GoodxJ is back in the mix with a brand-new single called “Here For The Ones.”  Rapping through self-reflective bars & lyrics and ready to share his perspective with the world at large – GoodxJ always […]Read More

Kenneth Stacks – “In Love Wit The Stick”

A video & single so real that even Shia Labeouf will give this cut solid claps of approval by the end! Follow rapper Kenneth Stacks from the studio as he takes an idea fresh from the page directly to the mic on his single “In Love Wit The Stick.”  Watch this emcee make the magic […]Read More

Steve Cook – M.I.D. Twenties Sampler

Steve Cook – M.I.D. Twenties – Album Sampler/Singles Review “Just let me have my own island.” For reals world…give emcee Steve Cook a break will ya?  He’s clearly not asking for much. Alright…so…pretty clear that if you were able to get a sneak peek at Steve’s Christmas list you’d find a pretty damn tall order […]Read More

Dave’s Neck – One

Dave’s Neck – One – Album Review As promised on the SBS Podcast when we played’em last – the Swedish dirt-rockin’ band is ready to start the year off with a bang through the hard-hittin’ & heavy cuts that line their new record, One.  For those of you out there unfamiliar with this three-piece of […]Read More