Month: <span>January 2018</span>

SBS Live This Week 079

Check out a live set from the extreme hard-rock band InVaine onstage at Funky Winkerbeans Pub in Vancouver, BC, from 2015. And if you thought you could escape the insanity, chaos and mayhem of the new single “Locked” from Ex-Okay, think again! We wouldn’t let you off the hook that easy.Read More

Aidan Koop – quiet spaces

Aidan Koop – quiet spaces – Album Review If you can remember all the way back to September of last year, you’ll remember the name Aidan Koop from our pages when we reviewed his three EPs, Context, Sensitivity, and For The Purpose Of Feeling and likely just how deep we dove into the highly imaginative […]Read More

Blue Soul Ten – The Beautiful Warrior

Blue Soul Ten – The Beautiful Warrior – Album Review SO STOKED to have this project back in the mix! Believe it or not, at one time, the talents of Claye Greene were once hidden behind the scenes.  I know, I know, I know…you listen to a record like his previous release as Blue Soul […]Read More

Spared Chiller – “Demo With Vocal”

A track so fresh it doesn’t even have a name yet!  Take a lesson from electro-project Spared Chiller – don’t let a title stop you from putting out that new cut!  That’s more than fine with us – Spared Chiller impressed us with the debut single “That New York Timelapse” before, and certainly does once […]Read More

Mad Lollypop – “Escape Yourself”

Check out “Escape Yourself” from Mad Lollypop – you’ll see from the video that the singer in this two-piece band sings like his life depends on it!  The duo of Andy Irwin and Sean Hilton have created an absolute trip-fest in the visuals for “Escape Yourself” – but make sure to turn this right the […]Read More

Andy Michaels – Revisited

Andy Michaels – Revisited – Album Review I tell ya…there’s no label out there that scares me more than the idea of something being called ‘adult contemporary’ – even if that’s what it truly is.  I suppose that could just be me resisting the idea of growing-up, even as I’m approaching the 38-year mark at […]Read More

Rex Macadangdang – The Pasadena Sessions

Rex Macadangdang – The Pasadena Sessions – EP Review I’ll admit to looking-up just how long it had been since we last heard from singer/songwriter Rex Macadangdang and had him on our pages…which was about two & a half-years ago now when we reviewed his album Cosmic Rainbow.  Sometimes it can be tough to keep […]Read More

Ghost 360 – “On My Own”

“Couple pounds, couple Zip Locks…” We hear that homie!  Don’t puff-puff-pass on this – grab that bong or roll up a blunt, get ready to chill & check out Ghost 360’s latest single/video as he takes you for a vivid description of a day in the life on his new cut “On My Own.” Find […]Read More

Early Two Thousands – YouTube Singles

Early Two Thousands – YouTube Singles – Singles Review Early Two Thousands, I wish you both all the very best of luck here…you’re fighting incredible odds stacked against you when it comes to my own personal taste with this new set of singles/videos posted to YouTube…which are…all…*gulp…covers of Blink 182 tunes.  I have admitted many […]Read More

Betweenzone – ReverbNation Singles

Betweenzone – ReverbNation Singles – Singles Review You know what I’m really into right now?  I’m into projects, artists & bands like Betweenzone that have an ability to connect in such a way that it makes perfect sense as to WHY they make their music.  I think when you hear something that has such uniqueness […]Read More