AK – “Get Your Hands Up!”

 AK – “Get Your Hands Up!”

AK – “Get Your Hands Up!” – Music Video Release

Leave it to AK – when it comes to verifiable audio-entertainment through stunning electro combinations, AK Productions is building a solid reputation on hitting the mark right on target.  After previously checking out his last single “Party Of The Wolves” – it definitely felt like his new single “Get Your Hands Up!” built upon his strengths as a producer and confirmed that he’s ready to take his music to that next-level.  They say as artists, our best work should always be our current work – I think you’ll hear in AK’s focus and commitment to the energy and audio-dynamics that shift & pulse through “Get Your Hands Up!” that he’s once again brought his A-game to your speakers & stereo-systems.

The guy can sure make a video too – hot damn!  “Get Your Hands Up!” combines an intense visual edit to go along perfectly timed with the music for maximum impact.  What it feels like you get more from AK this time around on his latest, is a bit more flavor and personality in the mix…”Get Your Hands Up!” does show the immediate progress he’s continually making in his music and as a producer, with stunning moments of crystal-clear electro-awesomeness filling the atmosphere of his new single right to the brim.  Through the series of skills & complex moves he makes in the structure, mix & layout of “Get Your Hands Up!” you can completely hear the effort & passion that is being put into every moment, all to create an electrifying & memorable EDM experience that the people are truly looking for – and AK delivers.

“Get Your Hands Up!” continues to highlight the bright electro style and vividly colorful sounds that AK is building his name on – and I think you get an even better glimpse into the depths of his imagination and wild enthusiasm that drives his music on this latest cut.  The more he puts into it, the more he gets out of it – this second single on our pages is proof of that…and my gut instinct tells me that with his insatiable work-ethic and true love of the craft, AK Productions is going to be in for a very good year.

And of course, that means great things for all us listening and all you electro-fans out there.

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