Sjana Rut – “Show Me Your Truth” Feat. NumerusX

 Sjana Rut – “Show Me Your Truth” Feat. NumerusX

Vibrant & soulful electro-pop, all the way from Iceland, courtesy of singer/songwriter Sjana Rut and her new single “Show Me Your Truth.”  With a wild beat & colorful music that has a powerful & uplifting vibe, this expressive tune highlights the versatile vocal talents of Sjana (pronounced Shana) in an immaculately catchy electro-rhythm & groove that combines passion & energy in all the right ways.  She’s written excellent hooks into “Show Me Your Truth” that’ll grab your attention and created a lyrical message in this song that matters – listeners out there are sure to connect with Sjana Rut’s music for her humble & honest approach from single-to-single.  You can find tons of them out there on YouTube and she always brings something new, exciting & real to her growing catalog; this song was a fantastic introduction and gateway into her music – it’s only fair that we share it with you too – check out Sjana’s latest single featuring an assist from the production skills of NumerusX, and a brand-new, highly entertaining lyric-video for “Show Me Your Truth” below!

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