Month: <span>January 2017</span>

Melvin Fromm Jr. – Singles

Melvin Fromm Jr. – Singles Review Melvin Fromm Jr. sir…you certainly have my respect and admiration. It’s not all that often that you get to hear a project as free in spirit as you’ll hear in the music of Melvin Fromm Jr. – he’s currently working on instrumentals of all-kinds, designing music for film & […]Read More

Dave Wirth – Flutters

Dave Wirth – Flutters – Album Review A new direction in sound for a musician we’ve heard in the past and reviewed in the pages here at sleepingbagstudios – Dave Wirth, formerly one-half of the duo known as Sprightly Moans is back with an all-instrumental solo-album called Flutters.  Definitely a departure from the music we’ve […]Read More

Black Astronaut – “Scrambled: Finding Answers” Feat. Tino Red

Black Astronaut – “Scrambled: Finding Answers” Feat. Tino Red – Single Review Really interesting track in the Black Astronaut catalog…”Scrambled: Finding Answers” featuring the talents of reliable collaborator Tino Red, takes the music, beat & atmosphere in a softer, more tender direction.  I say interesting in the sense that some of these lines are mind-blowing…extremely […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “L’Ultimo Respiro”

Check out an awesome live version of Mario Marco Farinato’s “L’Ultimo Respiro” from a session in Woodstock, NY this past December in 2016! Stunning song from an ever-impressive world-music star – it’s actually a translated cover tune of Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn’s original song “Last Night Of The World.”  Have a look at the video […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “Strappami Il Cuore”

Mario Marco Farinato – “Strappami Il Cuore” – Single Review Two out of three ain’t bad – isn’t that the famous quote from Meatloaf? Truthfully, three out of three ain’t bad either – but I’ll admit of the three songs I’ve recently checked out from singer/songwriter Mario Marco Farinato, this was the most difficult of […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “L’Ultimo Respiro”

Mario Marco Farinato – “L’Ultimo Respiro” – Single Review I have long stood by a tremendous truth about songwriting that has long been known by few and overlooked by many, and that’s that a great song…not just a good song, but a GREAT song, will translate from artist-to-artist, genre-to-genre, even language-to-language and never lose the […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “Nel Deserto”

Mario Marco Farinato – “Nel Deserto” – Single Review Right on!  I really enjoyed Mario Marco Farinato’s music the last time I had a chance to check out what he was up to in the first-half of 2016 last year…even though we might speak different languages in our own native tongues, the universal language of […]Read More

0160 – Man Made Lake (Live @ SBS 2014) Album

No doubt we’ve got a TON of pictures from this event still hangin’ around here – Man Made Lake OWNED our studio for like, a solid ten-hour jam that rumbled, rocked & rolled during our second-annual event with EverydayMusicTV.  The only band that needed power that day with all the other acts, artists & bands […]Read More

Black Astronaut – “Watching The Whites Of My Eyes Turn

Black Astronaut – “Watching The Whites Of My Eyes Turn Red” Feat. Gyro – Single Review Hey now…this is fun! First time we’ve checked out a Black Astronaut track via YouTube…in a month where we’ve covered this project extensively, that tiny switch in media-format went a long way to adding a bit more enjoyment to […]Read More

N0va – Whip Sessions II

N0va – Whip Sessions II – Album Review Great start to Whip Sessions II from independent hip-hop sensation N0va…the smooth sound of “The Go’ Round” proves that he is on that ‘whole different level’ and ready to make the most of this sequel; you can hear immediate improvement on what we’ve already known to sound […]Read More