Melvin Fromm Jr. – Singles

 Melvin Fromm Jr. – Singles

Melvin Fromm Jr. – Singles Review

Melvin Fromm Jr. sir…you certainly have my respect and admiration.

It’s not all that often that you get to hear a project as free in spirit as you’ll hear in the music of Melvin Fromm Jr. – he’s currently working on instrumentals of all-kinds, designing music for film & TV in addition to purely playing & creating for what becomes quite obvious – his own constant enjoyment!  While I still reject the notion that music can somehow find itself into a formula of some kind – these songs will make for eight in total so far that I’ve checked out from Melvin that all lineup to the 2.5 minute mark – I’m impressed that whatever it is he’s doing in recording would have such a rigid and dominating process, but still making music that comes out having each song unique to the one before.  It defies logic every bit as much as it’s logical…not sure how he does it but it’s quite impressive and shows that this artist has limitless imagination.

The combination of ideas and sound on “Very Fun Vacation Life” instantly sounded cool to me; for those that read my last review on Melvin’s music, you already know not to expect anything typical, and with the stuttered shots of keyboard-piano and sweet guitar notes…he’s on his way to something wild that works yet again.  You could hear “Very Fun Vacation Life” as a happy accident of sorts…the kind of song that by the time it’s over, you’ll ask yourself ‘wait…did that just work?’ and go back to listen all over again.  It’s wonky, it’s bizarre…but somehow, “Very Fun Vacation Life” is also quite beautiful at the same time.  Personally I love this kind of offbeat tune…Melvin’s kept this one entirely interesting to listen to and changing itself up all throughout its length; at times you’ll wonder if he stumbled into getting this one ‘right,’ or if it’s even ‘right’ at all.  The movement of “Very Fun Vacation Life” admittedly sounds not just a little, but a lot tipsy…but in my opinion…there’s a mastery of atmosphere here in the music whereby you can really hear Melvin’s right into this world of sound he’s truly been creating.

Hauling out the bass to take the rhythm for a walk, “Big Bright Heaven Dreams” was probably a little less my style personally, but still a fun tune to listen to.  Melvin’s found an interesting mix of classic blues-rock bass-lines wandering around while the beat & organ do their thing.  I’ve never been a huge fan of organ-driven rock-anything…so you’ll have to forgive me for that…but at the end of the day, I still appreciate a unique idea and song when I hear one.  “Big Bright Heaven Dreams” sounds as bright and enthusiastic as the title suggests it would be and definitely has the heart, passion and joy you find from this artist, right in the mix of this moment he’s created here.  What I found most interesting about “Big Bright Heaven Dreams” was the meeting between what you think might come out sounding more like a tune you already know through the standard-esque walking bass-lines and the song finding its own blend of style & creativity that led it to becoming something quite different altogether.  Nothing really standard at all about “Big Bright Heaven Dreams” by the time Melvin is done with it – and I’ve certainly got no problems at all with his music taking its own twists, turns and journey towards being unique to our ears.

Of this particular set of tunes…much like the last time I reviewed a set of four songs from Melvin Fromm Jr. – one of them stood out more than the rest.  This time around, it was a song called “Fun Angel Dreams” which is led by either an alto-sax or a trumpet…I’m like, 95-99% convinced it’s a trumpet I’m hearing…  Whatever it was (Okay…it’s gotta be trumpet right?) – I absolutely LOVED the way that it sounded and was completely happy to have this instrument drive the music on this tune.  Smart piano, guitar, bass and percussion all throughout the background of this song as well – but that trumpet (That’s right…I’m just gonna declare it confidently now) is immaculate!  Absolutely loved the texture and tone it brought to the song, loved the fact that there’s not too much ‘structure’ here so much as free-flowing jazz that really explores the depths of its 2.5 minutes…again, I don’t quite know what formula this music-scientist is working with, but it’s definitely one that could lead Melvin to a lot of opportunity and success.  I can think of countless scenarios and situations in shows/movies I watch where his music and ideas would be a perfect & natural fit into the visuals…someone or some company out there is going to benefit supremely from having a guy with endless ideas like this on-hand at their studio to add music to projects of all kinds.

Of course, with its bending & sliding guitar-notes, “Golden Heaven Gates Dreams” was also a top contender.  I can’t even really begin to explain Melvin Fromm Jr. when it comes right down to it…so many of these ideas and their textures, atmospheres and tones…they’re just so boldly different and wildly impressive that I can’t possibly be the only one who notices!  I like that Melvin doesn’t have to subscribe to any kind of verse/chorus/verse structure and that these songs come out sounding as free-spirited and charismatic as they do – especially the audible charm of “Golden Heaven Gates Dreams” right here at the end of this new set of four.  Melvin makes music that really draws you in to listen…because each sound, every movement…it’s all indescribably interesting to the ears.

I really think that Melvin stands a great chance of finding the success he’s looking for in soundtrack work and placing his music in film/TV.  There is clearly SO MUCH he can bring to any project through his imagination, ideas and professional execution…and straight-up, where most people in that situation would churn out something completely standard – Melvin will always find a way to make music sound extraordinary, unique and new.  That’s a real gift…and I’d be willing to bet it’ll lead him somewhere incredible.

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