Month: <span>January 2017</span>

0159 – HEAD Music Video Shoot Album IV

By now you’ve read most of the legend & the tale behind my time directing the video for HEAD’s single “Sex Like Rock Stars” from their second record Afraid To Sleep…so what else can I tell ya?  The people were completely awesome…and really, beyond taking massive group photos at one point in my life, this […]Read More

0158 – Lung Flower (Live @ The Railway 2013/2015)

Lung Flower returned to the stage at The Railway Club in Vancouver a much more confident band than when we first saw them onstage in 2013 shortly after lead-singer Tyler Mayfield joined the band.  Becoming a four-piece from the five-piece they were 2 years ago, Lung Flower focused hard in 2015/2016 and played on every […]Read More

0157 – Filthy Little Thieves Album III

We had a TON of fun with this crew back in our BC days.  Gord (Bass), his two kids Alex (Guitar) & Griffin (Drums), and Tony (Vocals, Guitar) had already been out to the studio for an interview on SBS Live This Week in the year before – so we brought them back in 2014 […]Read More

0156 – Aeterna (Demo Sessions 2014)

So much has changed, so very quickly…while others stay the same! These exclusive snaps came from a trip over to Aeterna lead-guitarist Bran Wengranowski’s lair in 2014…he’d just recently set up an all-new room to record in with everything the band could possibly need.  Got a chance to sit-in on watching their newest member Warrick […]Read More

Black Astronaut – “Tight” Featuring InZane

Black Astronaut – “Tight” Featuring InZane – Single Review Perfection in the art of using the space in music to their advantage – it’s the pacing, deadly-movements and gigantic beat that lead this combination of talent to victory on the new Black Astronaut single “Tight.”  With more direct-to-the-point & aggressive lyrics than we’ve experienced in […]Read More

Black Astronaut – “Addicts Mind” Featuring Jonathan BT & B

Black Astronaut – “Addicts Mind” Featuring Jonathan BT & B Daz– Single Review Black Astronaut got bars – don’t let anyone tell ya different. A seriously interesting dynamic that exists throughout the entire Black Astronaut project, brought to us all from the mind of Charles Luck, has certainly been the different vibes put into the […]Read More

Chames – Self-Actualization 2

Chames – Self-Actualization 2 – Album Review Great to hear this guy coming back so strongly. Not that it’s been all that long since the last time we heard from Chames; it’s only been about a year’n change since we first reviewed his album Siddhartha’s Revelations…but even if it’s it’s only been a short time […]Read More

SBS Podcast 022

It’s that magical time of the week once again! On this episode of the ol’ SBS Podcast we tackle the current state of politics and how the state of the independent music union is the strongest one on earth.  Amazing music for you to hear, as always – and I’ll let you know the details […]Read More

Nothing But You – Meant To Be

Nothing But You – Meant To Be – Album Review While it’s easy for me to admit that show-tunes, lounge, dramatic & theatrical performances generally aren’t something that connect with me – it’s also easy for me to admit that I was all smiles while listening to the sincerity and genuine passion in the music […]Read More

M.V.A. – Dream To Nightmare (Music Video Version.1)

Stoked to be checking out the music of M.V.A. over the coming weeks in all kinds of different ways! Highly impressed with the introduction I’ve just had through the latest single/video for “Dream To Nightmare” (Music Video Version.1)  and from the sounds of what I hear in this tune…I’m thinking we’re gonna get along just […]Read More