Month: <span>September 2016</span>

Savannah Philyaw – “Hurting You”

Savannah Philyaw – “Hurting You” – Single Review Don’t get me wrong…if the subject-matter of the heartbreak on “Hurting You” is real, I certainly feel for its author…but it’s hard not to be enthusiastically positive about the way this tune has come out in the recording.  Savannah Philyaw has absolutely got that special gift of […]Read More

Jathon Delsy – “The Karma Drama”

Jathon Delsy – “The Karma Drama” – Single Review So far today with what was reviewed earlier with the music of Aria Stone & Ken Stephenson, it’s been a day filled with artistic music – and I figure Jathon Delsy’s new tune “The Karma Drama” fits in nicely with that theme.  I’m checking this cut […]Read More

Aria Stone & Ken Stephenson – Scowling Pair

Aria Stone & Ken Stephenson – Scowling Pair – Album Review After the completely positive reaction I had to listening to the last time reviewing Aria Stone’s music, seeing that she has added additional talent in collaboration with Ken Stephenson brought up the expectations for what I hear even more.  I appreciated the artistic nature […]Read More

Undocument – The Quiet Crusade

Undocument – The Quiet Crusade – Album Review Part of me wanted to save this record.  Part of me wanted to listen to this record so many years down the line that I’d potentially forget I even had it…so that I’d still have new Undocument music in the future.  Like many of you out there […]Read More

William Knott – “We Don’t Ever Leave”

William Knott – “We Don’t Ever Leave” – Single Review If you’ve been craving that real ‘indie’ magic that makes a folk-sound truly come to life – look no further than this gem just released by William Knott.  Sung beautifully and entirely minimalist, intimate and stunning – “We Don’t Ever Leave” just flew up my […]Read More

Astronauts Of Antiquity – “Future Back”

Astronauts Of Antiquity – “Future Back” – Single Review It has often been said that when it comes to music, it’s all about timing.  If that’s the case – perfect timing on the part of Astronauts Of Antiquity, the world could really use a light-hearted anthem with positive intentions like their new single has right […]Read More

Blupa Music – Story Of A Freak

Blupa Music – Story Of A Freak – EP Review Been more than a year since we last reviewed the sounds of Blupa Music!  Last time around, when reviewing the single “Precious You” – we got a good sense of the innovative and inventive approach that the main driving-force behind the melodies and music, Geir […]Read More

0139 – West My Friend Album II

YOUR choice as our reader-voted Best New Sound of 2014, Vancouver Island’s folk-indie band West My Friend!  We first met them in 2013 when we had them over to the studio with their touring partner Brett Wildeman – check out some early shots from our interview and first time meeting them!Read More

Lookingdoor – “Son Of Nothing”

Lookingdoor – “Son Of Nothing” – Single Review Call it a single, call it an EP…heck, call it a mini-album if you like or even a sampler – Lookingdoor from Budapest, Hungary have officially arrived with three new tunes on “Son Of Nothing.”  With a darker-blend of acoustic-based rock, this duo of two brothers demonstrate […]Read More

The Pope – “Wavy”

The Pope – “Wavy” – Single Review From The Pope himself eh?  Hmm.  Didn’t know the dude could rap! “Wavy” might not exactly come directly from the Vatican…but one way or the other, it’s here to be heard today in review.  Produced by White Pu$ha, this new single from The Pope comes out with a […]Read More