Month: <span>September 2016</span>

Jimmy Jang – “A Pile Of Dog Shit!”

Jimmy Jang – “A Pile Of Dog Shit!” – New Video/Single Release You gotta have love for something like this somewhere inside you. Singer/songwriter Jimmy Jang has chosen to express his perspective/world-view through a clever new video/single for his song, titled “A Pile Of Dog Shit” – and I think many of you out there […]Read More

Shagpile – “These Boots”

Shagpile – “These Boots” – Single Review/Call To Action! As we always expect from this artist, Shagpile has once again constructed a song with real heart.  With a gentle twang and sweet sliding guitar notes sounding as warm and friendly as ever – the signature sound of his inviting melodies comes quickly to the forefront […]Read More

Tune Tank – Invasion Of A Skyline

Tune Tank – Invasion Of A Skyline – Album Review As you might have heard on the last episode of the SBS Podcast when we played a brand-new tune off Invasion Of A Skyline that I’ve been looking forward to this album with great anticipation.  Ever since I laid my ears upon the golden pop-infused […]Read More

Birds Over Arkansas – “So Much Sky”

Birds Over Arkansas – “So Much Sky” – Single Review It would be impossible not to be enthusiastically drooling from the corners of the mouth knowing that Birds Over Arkansas are back with a brand-new single after releasing one of the most stunning singles I’ve ever heard in MY ENTIRE LIFE with their last one […]Read More

0138 – The Pit (Live @ Their Lair 2014)

I’m not a complete hermit despite the rumors.  One of the bands that’s always been able to get me off my ass and away from this computer is Vancouver’s hard-rock/grunge act The Pit.  Before they packed up and moved out of their place to a new home in 2014 – we got to watch them […]Read More

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – “All That I Need”

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – “All That I Need” – Single Review When I covered the last single from Roger Cole & Paul Barrere called “Political Freakshow” – I also mentioned the fact that this duo was clearly hitting their stride and creating their best music to-date.  I’ve covered a lot of their music…I […]Read More

Eon MC Etc. & The Libra – Race Music

Eon MC Etc. & The Libra – Race Music – EP Review What IS this and where did it come from?  For some reason…I feel like I was genuinely surprised by the crystalline-quality production and innovative rhymes & charismatic charm of the R&B sounds on the Race Music EP from Eon MC Etc. & The […]Read More

Ron Wellesley – Soundcloud Singles

Ron Wellesley – Soundcloud Singles Review Alright…so we’re checking out a handful of singles from one incredibly active hip-hop artist out there in the music-scene right now that releases new music every Wednesday.  LOVE that kind of commitment and enthusiasm for music, no matter what genre – that alone makes me want to support what […]Read More

SBS Podcast 014

Doing what we do best & helping uncover some of the best tunes out there in today’s independent music-scene – you can expect all kinds of sonic-awesomeness from this new episode featuring the incredible music of: Tune Tank – Nixie – Morrow’s Memory – 1FM – Aztec – The Drama Dolls – Convey – Sun.Set.Ships […]Read More

Sam And The Black Seas – “Agata”

Sam And The Black Seas – “Agata” – Single Review Earlier on in the year when we first covered the music of Sam And The Black Seas through a collection of Soundcloud recordings, the gem of a melody called “Agata” first became known to us.  Truthfully, it was the first song I’d experienced from the […]Read More