Month: <span>September 2016</span>

Loso DaVinci – “Xany” Feat. Jukebox Bully

Loso DaVinci – “Xany” Feat. Jukebox Bully – Single Review As a reviewer…it can be a really rad experience to hear music that starts out with a vocal-sample of kind.  As a reviewer with an official Hunter S. Thompson tattoo…it’s altogether awesome when you start out a song like “Xany” with a quote from the […]Read More

Haidy Mousa – “No’ta W men Awel El Satr”

Haidy Mousa – “No’ta W men Awel El Satr” – Single Review Sometimes it’s impossible not to just sit back and marvel at some of the incredible opportunities that come our way here…there’s just no telling where the adventure leads to next, know what I mean?  I believe this is the first time I’ve ever […]Read More

Troy Lindsey – “One Drop”

Troy Lindsey – “One Drop” – Single Review Well…if there’s one thing that can certainly be said for Troy Lindsey it’s that he always manages to keep it interesting.  We’ve reviewed songs from this artist in the past multiple-times with different results as Troy’s been experimenting with collaborations and testing the waters with different ideas […]Read More

Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Am I Dreaming”

Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Am I Dreaming” – Single Review Come on Lynne Taylor Donovan…I’m not bulletproof! This is an honestly irresistible tune!  I know because I’ve tried!  Let me explain… “Am I Dreaming” sits right on the edge of Pop, Easy-Listening, Country, Folk and Americana – none of which are my strongest suits if […]Read More

Genius Picaso – An Open Canvas

Genius Picaso – An Open Canvas – Album Review + Bonus Singles Review THIS is what I’m talking about!  Establishing immediate impact and proving his talent in the first bars that roll out instantly on “Open” – Genius Picasso clearly has a firm, confident grip on the mic and holds nothing back from the very […]Read More

Louis Goldwater & ZvolZ – “Vent”

Louis Goldwater & ZvolZ – “Vent” – Single Review There’s something about the looseness of the approach to the lyrics, pace and structure of “Vent” that I feel like I can really get behind.  Louis Goldwater & ZvolZ represent pretty solidly on the mic when they’re doing their thang…and the ideas here are actually quite […]Read More

Armada Named Sound – Electronica

Armada Named Sound – Electronica – Album Review Back instantly with some pep in his step, music-maker…summoner-of-wild-electro-beats and producer Maus of the project Armada Named Sound comes flying out of the gates at high-speed on the first cut “Midnight At Metropolis” from the new album Electronica.  It takes no time at all to realize I’m […]Read More

Nehedar – “You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart”

Nehedar – “You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart” – Single Review Shaping up to be another incredible day here!  Coming out of the solid experience with the new music of Dansad’s new single – I ended up wondering if I should push my luck and continue to press play on the upcoming songs on my […]Read More

Dansad – “Blood Of My Heart” Feat. Joshua Peavy

Dansad – “Blood Of My Heart” Feat. Joshua Peavy – Single Review Undeniable groove here in the writing of “Blood Of My Heart” by Dansad featuring vocalist Joshua Peavy.  I’ve read a bit on the project now…seems like Dansad has a really cool thing happening overall – they’ve really taken on that idea of a […]Read More

Voys – “Strange Planet”

Voys – “Strange Planet” – Single Review Interesting series of songs & videos from Voys…we’re catching up here in the third-video from the series titled ‘Louise In The Clouds’ for the song called “Strange Planet.”  If you watch all three…you’ll get the broader-scope of the full idea, which is full of wild, weird and beautiful […]Read More