Savannah Philyaw – “Hurting You”

 Savannah Philyaw – “Hurting You”

Savannah Philyaw – “Hurting You” – Single Review

Don’t get me wrong…if the subject-matter of the heartbreak on “Hurting You” is real, I certainly feel for its author…but it’s hard not to be enthusiastically positive about the way this tune has come out in the recording.  Savannah Philyaw has absolutely got that special gift of being able to connect the emotion to the words, the words to the music and the music to the heart – she’s done an outstanding job on her new single “Hurting You.”

Savannah herself is only 21 years old – but she sings with genuinely added wisdom beyond her years in behind the words, music and writing of this song.  There is a ton of insightful emotion layered into her performance…and whether she’s been through the heartbreak or not, you can certainly feel that she’s connected with the words she’s written.  Performing them confidently, convincingly and stunningly – Savannah shines brightly throughout the melancholy musings of “Hurting You” and really highlights the strong potential she has as an artist, singer & songwriter in this tune.  Sorry…I should say ‘further’ potential – she’s certainly already arrived as far as my ears are concerned.

She’s not only got a great melody in the music, she’s truly found a brilliant approach to the vocals.  Her tone is gripping & crystal-clear in its strengths…even as the perspective challenges the joy of love and the thunderous-crack of real heartbreak & moving on – she finds the perfect tones and energy to match the mood & atmosphere of the music.  I’m impressed by the fragile-but-confident sound of Savannah’s vocals and how she’s approached this song with such strength to her singing…she’s done a fantastic job of really bringing out the sweetness in the midst of the tough, emotional content of the song.

The gentle music and delicate mix to the sound in the production all came out exactly as I’d imagine she’d have hoped it would.  Great percussion, solid piano lines and gentle acoustics fill in the atmosphere and the vocals/melody-line remain the shining star of this song.  All in all, despite its melancholy – you gotta figure Savannah would be pretty darn proud of her performance and the way this track came out.  Definitely single-worthy and the idea sounds full, not overstuffed…just the right amount of everything.

Truly impressed with the vocal-flow…upon repeat-listens, this track has no problem holding-up and just continues to become more & more entertaining as you get the words absorbed.  Indeed it’s a sad tale…it’s just so hard to hear such a powerful melody as anything other than a victory when it sounds like this!  Everything from bridge-to-breakdown is worthy of your listening time…and whether she ventures in Country, Pop, Folk, Indie or even Rock-music, I’d be willing to bet on Savannah reaching her goals and dreams.  You don’t get this much sincerity in songwriting without having at least an ounce of ‘the real deal’ inside of you – and Savannah already has a double-dose of what it takes at her young age.

Great job on this tune…I think it certainly highlights her talent & skills and absolutely introduces us to a new artist with a very bright future.  If she continues on with the quality & humble-nature of songwriting like this – I have no doubt she’ll find herself at the top of playlists found around the globe.  She definitely got me with this sincere and beautiful melody she’s created here – and her performance truly indicates a strong connection to the words, their meaning, and how to approach singing them authentically.  I think Savannah is wonderful…as heartbreaking as the song may be – I enjoyed every second of it.

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