Month: <span>July 2016</span>

Jai Musiq – Dolan Drive Dreams

Jai Musiq – Dolan Drive Dreams – Album Review As a guy that basically has whatever the musical-form of A.D.D. is…I got interested in this new record from Jai Musiq early on, right in the “Wake Up! (Intro)” before I even had a chance to hear him rap for the first time.  He’ll get to […]Read More

Anthems Vs. Oceans – “I Won’t Let You”

Anthems Vs. Oceans – “I Won’t Let You” – Single Review No denying that the mind of the musician behind the music of Anthems Vs. Oceans graduated from the same school of emotional-thought/music inspired by Dashboard Confessional that still rings true through the influence on many a band, artist & project to come them.  There’s […]Read More

THE – Too Human

THE – Too Human – EP Review How can you not just take a moment to marvel at the truly unsearchable band-name we’ve got here?  I hope you’ve got yourself some direct-links my friends…cause other than knowing someone who knows a guy who knows another guy’s second-cousin that knows where to find the music of […]Read More

Frozen – “In That Zone”

Frozen – “In That Zone” – Single Review If you were to ask me…I’d say Frozen is a man that knows what he wants and what he’s looking for out of his music & life.  With a large-size electro-infused jam designed to be the anthem for twerkin’ heard round the world, he’s got himself a […]Read More

Mike Glendinning – “The Tenderloin”/”One Armed Waltz”

Mike Glendinning – “The Tenderloin”/”One Armed Waltz” – Singles Review I think Mike’s my kind of guy. While I might not say that either of these two-songs quite hit the mark of perfection…they’re quite infused with personality, heart and an audible genuine WANT to be a part of music overall.  These two songs I’ve got […]Read More

Angie And The Deserters – “Country Radio”

Angie And The Deserters – “Country Radio” – Single Review Trying…to…resist… …it’s Country-music…but… …what am I supposed to do when a song is this much fun? Angie And The Deserters have not only put together a solid Country-music jam with their new single “Country Radio” but they’ve got an absolutely killer video to match it!  […]Read More

Matthew Neves – “Cheers To Nothing”

Matthew Neves – “Cheers To Nothing” – Single Review I can be the bigger man and admit when I’ve underestimated an artist…and I think that assessment definitely applies to Matthew Neves.  When I last reviewed him…to be fair, it sounded nothing like this at all…it was an amped-up party-song full of fist-pumping ROCK…but was that […]Read More

Pauline Frechette – “Song For Michael”

Pauline Frechette – “Song For Michael” – Single Review Wonderfully expressive piece of music from the combined talents in the arrangement of David Campbell and in the writing/performance from Pauline Frechette on her new-single “Song For Michael” – this is the kind of song that comes along that really helps me appreciate what I do […]Read More

Teejay – Love Lines

Teejay – Love Lines – EP Review Alright…I’m in that situation again where I’m reviewing some tracks…potentially pre-release, not totally sure…I don’t have the official track-listing for the new Love Lines EP from Teejay – but you know that’s not about to stop me from telling you about the music I’m listening to.  Especially not […]Read More

0124 – Man Made Lake Album II

You can never quite predict which way this band will turn…they do serious just as well as they do hyper-active mayhem.  All-around fantastic people to have met along our journey…check out some leftover shots here from the first time we’d met them in 2013 & the following video-interview we did with Man Made Lake later […]Read More