Month: <span>July 2016</span>

World Of Caellus

Okay!  Well…if anything, I can personally say that I learned a TON from this interview!  The mind behind World Of Caellus is an extremely unique one…and even though I thought I knew a bit about this project and the upcoming album Genesis – I know now that I still had way, way more to learn.  […]Read More

JLuv – “If It Ain’t This”

JLuv – “If It Ain’t This” – Single Review Here’s a man with some lyrical STYLE yo! NYC-based hip-hop/R&B artist JLuv puts on a verbal clinic of how to get the flow-rolling for real on his latest single “If It Ain’t This.”  Using a clever combination of a beat with a ton of dramatic-dynamics to […]Read More

Outrun The Arrow – “Weigh Down My Heart”

Outrun The Arrow – “Weigh Down My Heart” – Single Review If you’ve been listening to the SBS Podcast lately, then you’ve had a chance to hear this latest single from Outrun The Arrow already – and a wise investment, your ears have certainly made.  This vibrantly electric, bouncy and riotously-fun new cut from the […]Read More

0121 – Kerry Jayne Album II

Always love running into this beautiful soul.  Kerry Jayne was someone we met in 2013 for her first interview ever…which was quite an honor for me personally.  Wonderful person to connect to, she performed outside in the night as the temperature got colder; her warm personality and guitar-tones were more than enough to keep us […]Read More

SBS Podcast 008

Get your dose of weekend tunes from the SBS Podcast and the fantastic talents found out there in the independent music-scene! Keeping the playlist as diverse as ever, Jer @ SBS gets into what makes a song…well…a song(!) and ends up talking about production and how it plays a role in the atmosphere of our […]Read More

The Silver Bayonets – “Constant”

All the way from London, The Silver Bayonets have got the amps turned up loud enough for you to hear’em from wherever you are right now!  Just in case…we’re covering the bases by posting up their latest single/video for “Constant” here at the homepage for your whole face to enjoy.  A clever arrangement of indie/pop-rock/alternative […]Read More


KILLCAM – Muted – Album Review KILLCAM…a new project brought to you by an artist we’ve had in review in the past, known as the infamous Quiet Leader.  Now rebranded and ready to rip the mic with all-new rhymes and direction, KILLCAM has released the album Muted; last time around we found the emcee finding […]Read More

Decide – Struggle Inside

Decide – Struggle Inside – EP Review The skill-level is completely professional and the production & writing of Struggle Inside deserves a lot of credit for being as tight as it is.  It’s been a thoroughly great year for independent hip-hop/rap-music – and you can consider Decide to definitely be a solid-contributor to the reasons […]Read More