Month: <span>July 2016</span>

SBS Live This Week 052

Welcome to the show! Check out Part I of our interview with Rod Matheson of EverydayMusicTV. A fearless warrior and force in the independent music-scene, videographer and extreme gentleman – it’s our pleasure to showcase some of the work he’s shot along the way throughout his journey of 1000 Days taking videos and posting unique […]Read More

The Machete – Take Dos

The Machete – Take Dos – EP Review Alright…I’ve been waiting to talk to you all about this exciting band based out of Portsmouth, UK called The Machete for a while.  Not all on me, I assure you!  The Machete has been putting the final touches on their Take Dos EP for a couple months […]Read More

Hochen – Strays

Hochen – Strays – Album Review It takes no time at all for Hochen’s psychedelic groove-rock to begin. From the moment the complex but catchy guitar-riff starts “Man I Am” on the new album Strays, you can hear the commitment to style & sound…from the bass to the guitar to the drums, this first-cut comes […]Read More

0122 – Fu Kon Riots Album II

These punk-asses put a whole shit-ton of punk-rock attitude into our studio in 2015 during our interview on SBS Live This Week with our guests Fu Kon Riots.  Complete bad-asses…they absolutely killed it in the studio with a wicked interview that never stopped flowing and a music-performance right afterwards the never stopped for a moment […]Read More

Corey Zaccari – “Space Cadet”

Corey Zaccari – “Space Cadet” – Single Review I can definitely get behind this. Corey Zaccari has got himself one seriously groovy track here…”Space Cadet” is a blend of all-things-good between pop-to-indie-to-rock.  At first it sounded a little lo-fi through the internet pages I could find this track on…so take it from me, download this […]Read More

Leeroy Jelks – Soundcloud Singles

Leeroy Jelks – Singles Reviewed Credit to this guy.  First correspondence I had with young Leeroy Jelks impressed me…he’s only eighteen years-old but already has the foresight to know that jumping into the rap-game as just another pawn or player won’t do – he’s on a path and mission to define his own style & […]Read More

JLuv – “Baby By Me”

JLuv – “Baby By Me” – Single Review I have it on pretty good authority that JLuv is surrounded by a whole team of people that really believe in his exceptional talent and expect this solo-artist to find his way to the big-time.  I can dig all the reasons why that would be after reviewing […]Read More

JT Cotton – Back To Love Making

JT Cotton – Back To Making Love – EP Review JT Cotton – part R&B/Soul solo-artist, part professional-moisturizer for the ladies out there.  With an EP full of tunes looking to get panties droppin’ worldwide, he’s written a series of love-songs that showcase a solid grip on writing and flow.  As he weaves his vocals […]Read More

Azucar Acida – “El Blah Blah Blah Oficial”

Azucar Acida – “El Blah Blah Blah Oficial” – Single Review Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Just in case anyone was wondering what I sound like when I find out the music I’m about to review comes from halfway across the planet from us, that’s what it sounds like!  I’m always excited for an opportunity like this! Panamanian five-piece […]Read More

SBS Podcast 009

Another incredible episode filled with music that has true PERSPECTIVE out there in the independent-scene!  We’ll talk about that, take a moment or two to figure out when to get political, and of course feature all kinds of incredible music from far & wide!  We’ll go even further to prove that in this episode as […]Read More