Pauline Frechette – “Song For Michael”

 Pauline Frechette – “Song For Michael”

Pauline Frechette – “Song For Michael” – Single Review

Wonderfully expressive piece of music from the combined talents in the arrangement of David Campbell and in the writing/performance from Pauline Frechette on her new-single “Song For Michael” – this is the kind of song that comes along that really helps me appreciate what I do as a music-reviewer and the choice we made in keeping the door open towards genres of all-kinds.  Frechette is an adult-contemporary artist…which I fully admit to being two-words that scare me…but thankfully, I think there’s a lot better suited ways to describe this new song…you could call it simply classical, or instrumental-piano…whatever makes you feel at ease.  I know the term adult-contemporary scares many of you like it scares me…it always makes me feel like I have to grow up and be mature all of a sudden – just imagine the impossible time I’d have if that were truly the rules I had to adhere to!

Putting a different spin onto the label of this music is one thing – describing its beautiful emotion on display is another beast entirely – that is where things get difficult.

Because we can express a lot of things without words for a reason…words wouldn’t compare.  And truly – that’s what I hear in “Song For Michael” for certain…my own inability to justly describe the beautiful moment that I’m hearing in this song…but I’ll try…

I’ll say this – certain artists, certain writers, certain performers…they really ‘get it.’  Songs don’t always have to be stuffed so full of sound that our ears would block out the yells of a drowning person only twenty-feet away from us…in fact…or at the very least in my opinion…those who have a real mastery on what they’re trying to express in the emotion of instrumental music have a real understanding of pace.  A song like “Song For Michael,” for instance, were it not played by someone with the tremendously expressive-capabilities of Frechette, could potentially become flat and completely ordinary.  That’s not to say that Campbell hasn’t created a beautiful and extraordinary arrangement here – he certainly has – but it really does take a musician that really understands the vision and idea overall to bring it to life like this.  So trust me on this – I’m in full-salute to a combination of talents such as this…because I think both sides have a perfect understanding of what needed to be brought to this song, and they delivered.

The use of space in the music and playing is absolutely stunning.  You really can’t help but just sit and really take in “Song For Michael” and all the gorgeous tones from the piano.  It’s been listened to, justifiably, well over 100K times on the Soundcloud page and that makes complete sense to me.  A song played with as much focus and emotion like this truly should get the recognition and ear-time it deserves…and I’m very glad to see that the people are listening.  The inspirational and uplifting way that Frechette approaches this melody…it’s like she’s considering every note’s true meaning as she plays it.  She’s formed a truly symbiotic relationship with this song…and you can really hear its emotion flow right through her gracefully as she plays this.

Not many ways I could put this other than to say the gift that Frechette has is indeed a rare and beautiful one.  I think she brings this entire melody and composition to life with stunning care and true grace…and I absolutely LOVE the writing of this song.  I don’t think without Frechette’s extraordinary intuition and sincere approach that this song would have come out as well as it might with any other artist at the piano…I really think the way she’s played this song reveals a true depth to her talent and understanding of how to both listen-to and play music with genuine emotion and passion.  However the combination of their efforts came to be…I certainly hope this continues to exist and thrive as strongly as it does here on “Song For Michael.”  The entire song soars with beauty, drama and unmistakable real-emotion…gorgeous and stunning to listen to at each and every moment.

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