Month: <span>July 2015</span>

Pia Dean – “Gone” Feat. Scarlet Cox

Let me start off with saying I’m in love with pretty much anything/everything about this new single, “Gone” from song-writer/producer Pia Dean featuring the stunning talents of Scarlet Cox.  If anyone out there is looking to know what kind of melodies make perfect sense to this bearded reviewer’s ears…look/listen no further than the combined efforts […]Read More

Rex Macadangdang – Cosmic Rainbow

Rex Macadangdang – Cosmic Rainbow – Album Review The first thing you might notice when you check out the music & social-media of Rex Macadangdang might be the fact that there are seven other players about to lend their talents and skills to support this singer/song-writer who has been in the incubator for over a […]Read More

WINMADEIT x Johnny Santos – “7GRAND”

Check out a brand-new video…no joke – this thang is NEWER than new & just released this week at the tail-end of July 2015! It’s the new release & single from WINMADEIT x Johnny Santos, combining their talents on “7GRAND.”  The video itself was shot entirely on an iphone6 – proving once again you can […]Read More

Gold Wolf – Gold Wolf

Gold Wolf – Gold Wolf – EP Review Sometimes you hear a sound of a band that comes out gunning so professionally that it just makes sense to the brain that one day you won’t be the only one hearing what you’ve just heard. I got that feeling about twenty-five seconds in when the bass, […]Read More

D-mac – “Siverour”

D-mac – “Siverour” – Single Review It’s official…rapper D-mac has got me stumped with the title of this track. I scoured my memory…I googled it…hell, I even asked the cool-kids what the heck that word might be, hoping that they might know it as some slang of today…but I came up short on every attempt […]Read More

Dylan Sesco – Good Villain

Dylan Sesco – Good Villain – EP Review From Vertlife Entertainment, rap-artist Dylan Sesco comes out swinging on the Good Villain EP with six new songs in a darker-vein produced in follow-up to a project that took place earlier on called Pacific Coast Pharoah. Musically and lyrically, it does find a gritty, late-night-back-alley, dangerous vibe […]Read More

Asmodelle – Grooveatropolis Volume 1

Asmodelle – Grooveatropolis Volume 1 – Album Review Smooth-electro artist Asmodelle seems to delight in being able to make subtle changes throughout chilled-out beats that make these new songs on her Grooveatropolis record feel like dynamic moments frozen in time. The tracks change like a glacier flows; strong, confident and slowly this set of electro […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 003

Interview with Charming Timur! To become the next guest on the SBS Podcast, take an audio interview with us by clicking here! To have your music featured on the show, click this link to become the next artist or band we play tunes from on the SBS Podcast!Read More

Sekten7 – “Burn The Sky”

Sekten7 – “Burn The Sky” – Single Review Where are my audiophiles at? You’re going to love this new single from Sekten7 every bit as much as I do. If you’ve got a penchant for music with atmosphere so rich & thick that you can reach out and touch it – this electro/sample infused beast […]Read More