Month: <span>July 2015</span>

Gianni Cresci – Il Terzo Canto Della Noce

Gianni Cresci – Il Terzo Canto Della Noce – Album Review It’s amazing to me just how often you can ask people what they listen to and they’ll tell you a whole slew of genres and not include instrumental or classical music. You can even ask them specifically about whether they listen to these wordless […]Read More

Pinto & The Bean

Presumably…many of you out there reading are in bands or finding your way into music right now… I often get asked about ‘how’ to answer interview questions from people that haven’t had much experience yet – and today we are not talking to those people. No…today, we’re talking to two musical masterminds and interview geniuses…Paul […]Read More

Odesza – “White Lies (DeModa Remix)”

Odesza – “White Lies (DeModa Remix)” – Single Review Great progression through the stereo speakers today. After checking out the latest single laced with an electro-pulse from Airy Jeanine, heading into this latest remix of Odesza by mixologist DeModa is almost a completely logical next step for my eardrums and attention. So right now…as “White […]Read More

Airy Jeanine – “Mama’s Girl”

Airy Jeanine – “Mama’s Girl” – Single Review Okay…wait…whaaaaaaaaat? This bearded-chin of mine isn’t supposed to give in so easily to the electronic-pop & R&B genres – but I’m honestly loving this new single from Airy Jeanine. I feel like the rock-side of my personality should be putting up much more of a fight than […]Read More

This Is A Joke Please Be Offended! – X Marks

This Is A Joke Please Be Offended! – X Marks The Spot – Album Review If I didn’t live just outside Vancouver, BC…chances are this might have been a joke to me! The basic-gist is that the joke itself is pretty much that almost any set of average music-loving ears out there would probably run […]Read More

Samie Bisaso – “Completely”

Samie Bisaso – “Completely” – Single Review A solid man of devout faith, solo-artist Samie Bisaso has just released his brand-new single “Completely” unto the world awaiting. Already racking up views by the thousands for the video supporting his song – the slogan of Samie Productions nearly says it all: Spreading The Word Through Entertainment. […]Read More

Von – Thoughts After Midnight

Von – Thoughts After Midnight – EP Review Interesting approach to the R&B genre from Von on his latest EP, Thoughts After Midnight. A highly-personal and self-reflective EP that really has an atmosphere of late-night thoughts in motion; Von lets the music pulse, click and swell in behind low-key, minimalist beats that pack in emotion […]Read More

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – Musical Schizophrenia

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – Musical Schizophrenia – Album Review Many of you out there watching our music-show SBS Live This Week will be familiar with the names Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – we’ve spun videos from this duo many times on the show. We’ve seen them from their beginnings up to and […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 002

New episode of the SBS Podcast with hosts Ryan and Jer talking about what the show is about, different things happening out in the music-scene and playing tracks from Trevino, Fu Kon Riots and Solomon Vaughn – check it out below and see what’s up! To become the next guest on the SBS Podcast, take […]Read More

Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes – I Think I’m

Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes – I Think I’m Going To Kill Myself / Dear Darling – EP Review Believe it or not there are only two albums from my time growing up spent listening to everything I could get my hands on that I do not in fact possess today. For nostalgic purposes…a […]Read More

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