Pia Dean – “Gone” Feat. Scarlet Cox

 Pia Dean – “Gone” Feat. Scarlet Cox

Let me start off with saying I’m in love with pretty much anything/everything about this new single, “Gone” from song-writer/producer Pia Dean featuring the stunning talents of Scarlet Cox.  If anyone out there is looking to know what kind of melodies make perfect sense to this bearded reviewer’s ears…look/listen no further than the combined efforts of these two.  Scarlet brings the perfect amount of emotion to “Gone” with a performance that is beyond special – this is one of those magical moments in music I’ll more than likely never forget…that rare gem of a song that I look for daily throughout the independent-music scene but hardly ever stumble upon.  If “Gone” is any indication of the standard from either of these two, both Pia Dean and Scarlet Cox have got a very long and successful career ahead of them…and they’ve both certainly got my attention in full.  The execution on this beautiful song is nothing short of flawless…the kind of song delivered with such precision in the emotional delivery it could make you burst into tears at any given moment – Scarlet has done Pia’s song tremendous justice with one of my favourite performances I’ve heard over the mic this year.

As a performer, singer or entertainer…often you dream about songs like this coming your way; conversely, if you’re a song-writer like Pia you can only hope to stumble upon a talent as amazing as Scarlet to bring the melody to a captivating place.  Both of these two should be more than incredibly proud of how this single/video has come out…like I said, I love every single second of “Gone.”  With an extremely minimal but very effective video that captures and reflects the lyrical aspect of Pia’s song, the one-shot style reminds me much of another of my favourite videos…”We All Go Back To Where We Belong” by my heroes in R.E.M.

And just like that song, this is a melody, performance and video that can reduce a heart of stone to a pile of rubble with a stream of tears flowing steady through the middle.  I honestly believe that a combination of song-writer and singer that can REALLY bring that song to life is very, very rare…a sound like what I’m hearing conceived by Pia and nailed so beautifully by Scarlet is something I can only hope would continue.  Clearly these two found the exact same moment in time to express this emotion perfectly…I’m unbelievably happy that a song this precious can find its way to our pages and I am extremely humbled, honoured and proud to be able to share it with YOU.  Check out “Gone” by Pia Dean featuring Scarlet Cox below!

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