Month: <span>July 2015</span>

Brenna Swanger

Brenna Swanger New York native and Nashville Pop Recording Artist The emergence of Brenna Swanger into the Pop music scene was crafted with the release of her 1st studio LP 10 Metaphors For Love and the success of debut singles from the project including “Chasing Sunsets.” This dynamic talent is a gifted songwriter with lyrics […]Read More

Brent Best – Your Dog, Champ

Brent Best – Your Dog, Champ – EP Review Sometimes I really can’t imagine being the kind of reviewer that might judge something so instantly, review it based upon a biased perspective and reveal through the writing that…well…no…the music really WASN’T listened to, or at least for very long. Like high-school students reading the beginning […]Read More

Alex Hall’s Figurehead – Alex Hall’s Figurehead

Alex Hall’s Figurehead – Alex Hall’s Figurehead – EP Review Ohio’s progressive-rock band Alex Hall’s Figurehead have taken the lid off this project and let the musical goodies spill out through your speakers on this debut, self-titled EP. If you’re a fan of intense & intricate instrumentation – these three new songs have a ton […]Read More

Zero Verdict – Walk Tall

Zero Verdict – Walk Tall – Album Review I’ve known about the music of Zero Verdict for some time now…wasn’t too long ago that I reviewed the lead-single from this very album, Walk Tall, called “Train” in fact. I’ve known this band to make music at an incredibly high-caliber since being turned onto their music; […]Read More

Rick Shaffer – Jitterbug Shake

Rick Shaffer – Jitterbug Shake – Album Review Considering I was bracing myself for something more akin to The Brian Setzer Orchestra…I’ve been breathing a steady sigh of relief listening to the music of Rick Shaffer’s latest album Jitterbug Shake, thankful that I’ve not been taken into the sounds of swing or anything ‘big-band.’ Something […]Read More

Van Der Trip – “Elements”

Van Der Trip – “Elements” – Single Review Chances are you won’t meet a musician quite as enthusiastic as the mind behind Van Der Trip’s music, Pawel Dambek is within the next ten years. I can tell you from the behind-the-scenes correspondence here in between us that this dude is completely jacked about making music […]Read More

Natalie Ceva – Atlas

Natalie Ceva – Atlas – EP Review Have you ever had the pleasure of being able to close your eyes and step into the world of music made by someone that truly lives for the moment? Having been able to review just a few albums over this past decade…I can tell you that I’ve definitely […]Read More

For All Recorded Time – for. all. recorded. time.

For All Recorded Time – for. all. recorded. time. – EP Review Interesting progression of music at the homepage today…I’ve got the volume right up people – I’m LISTENING over here and gettin’ it DONE out in the independent scene today! Still with me? From modern-day Mongolian music, to folk-rock, to rap-rock – we’ve already […]Read More

Tricky Mandrake – “Shoes That Bleed (Feat. Feeki)”

Tricky Mandrake – “Shoes That Bleed (Feat. Feeki)” – Single Review Alright…before anyone decides to shank Tricky Mandrake for attempting to bring back the rap/rock era to our current music climate…let me make a few arguments as to why it’s okay so we can get it all out on the table before we get into […]Read More

The Liquorsmiths – This Book Belongs To

The Liquorsmiths – This Book Belongs To – EP Review When you look up San Diego, CA’s folk-rock band The Liquorsmiths on their social media pages, you’ll see they make ‘music for listeners,’ how cool is that right? I don’t know if The Liquorsmiths happen to know this or anything else about me…but I’m one […]Read More

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